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Helium Inu was created out of a need for a community token with a strong foundation, great fundamentals, exceptional marketing strategies, and a 100% dedicated development team. Scam tokens are currently running rampant in the BSC sphere, and the BSC community as a whole has grown weary of dishonest dev teams taking investors’ hard earned money with tricks and dishonesty. The HINU community was born from one such scam token, and has taken on the mantle of creating a coin that serves all members of the community.

HINU has several anti-scam and anti-whale measures in place. The maximum amount of HINU that any single wallet can hold is 1.5% of the total in circulation. This is done to prevent early adopters and whales from dumping the coin and costing other investors money. While 60% of the liquidity pool is locked, the other 40%, generated by transaction fees, are owned by a dead wallet. This is to prevent liquidity rug-pulls from negatively affecting the coin price. Finally, 5% of every buy and sell transaction is sent back to the community with stable coin reflections in the form of BUSD. This incentivizes the community to hold their tokens rather than sell, helping maintain a healthy price.

Whether you’re here for the money, the memes, or the community, you have found the right place at Helium Inu!