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The Hayate Inu ($HINU) is a highly deflationary token on the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain. Its smart contract is hardcoded for value increase. We battle the lack of long-term value by investing in yield-bearing assets, guaranteeing long-term volume and wealth creation. Our solid community is the core of mutual success. We are responsive and open to new ideas suggested by our members. In case someone swaps ETH for Hayate Inu ($HINU) or vice-versa, a tax is imposed on the transaction. That tax is used to acquire liquidity tokens and burn them on each call. This will shrink – our already low – total supply causing a continuous token price increase. The team also utilizes burn-events based on buy volume. Make sure to follow the Telegram group updates! Anti-whale mechanism restricts wallets to 0.5% of the total supply only and punishes swing traders with higher taxes. A slice of the liquidity tax that goes straight to the dead address to ensure $HINU gets less volatile over time. A large liquidity pool also protects us from major selloffs causing less downward pressure. Another financial feature to ensure long-term growth is a self-buy mechanism that utilizes taxes, buys up the supply from the market, and burns those tokens, meaning it will push the price floor up and burn a percentage of the supply forever!The $HINU token will serve various purposes. First and foremost, our holders will be able to get rewarded for holding since we use tax funds to invest in yield-bearing assets, and all the generated profits are introduced back into the Ecosystem in the form of staking incentives, token price growth, further development, and extensive marketing. Another portion of our marketing wallet will be used in casual mini-games on our website, where our holders will be able to participate in raffles, rewarding our loyal community. Our roadmap focuses on our long-term goals. In order to be an established platform, we aim to create an investor dashboard for the yield-bearing asset income distribution as well as mini-games on our website, where our holders will be able to participate in rewarding mini-games.