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Grand Exchange is a community token run by RuneScape fans that was launched on November 26, 2021. The developers at Grand Exchange are creating a community where players can find other players to train skills, boss or play minigames with, while earning passive income. Investors who own $GP, the Grand Exchange's token, are rewarded in real life GP in the form of BUSD.

Featuring a uniquely styled NFT collection tailored specifically to fit the RuneScape culture, Grand Exchange is looking to bring back a kick of nostalgia into the NFT world. Grand Exchange plans to create a vast library of NFTs with a variety of work for anyone to enjoy. From simple works depicting common aspects to niche pieces only few will admire, Grand Exchange’s NFT collection aims to attract all RuneScape fanatics. The first NFT collection we plan to release is one of each color party hat.

Each transaction, buy or sell, of Grand Exchange has a 12% fee. The fees are broken down as follows: 8% of the fee goes towards rewarding holders with BUSD, 2% goes to the liquidity pool to stabilize the price and 2% goes towards marketing efforts to grow the token’s community. To prevent whales from controlling the token, there is a 2% maximum wallet size.

Given the enormous amount of attraction gained in such a short time period, Grand Exchange is looking to accelerate its timeline for the roadmap. Plans for growth will include promotions on various platforms, community created memes, and in-game community events.