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"Brief Description about token, should be appealing: Golden Kitty Cake is inspired from the Waving Lucky Cat from the Chinese/Japanese community. It was believed that the figurine will bring good fortune and luck to the owners. Now, it is Golden Kitty's turn to bring you tons of fortune through its own token and the CAKE token that it is spreading.

Now you get to earn real passive income with meme-tokens. Golden Kitty Cake provides you a real chance to earn CAKE token daily. With our Cake Bank utilities, every GKCAKE transactions shall rewards 7% of CAKE reward into the cake bank. After 24 hours, you get to claim your CAKE token daily. The more GKCAKE you hold, the more CAKE token you’ll earned!

Aside from that GKCAKE also has a security insurance features, when a whale dumps occurs, it will be triggered automatically, to bring back the price."