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About Futura Finance

Futura Finance (FFT) enhances the reflection token industry by allowing investors to take control of their own payouts by choosing from ADA, BNB/BUSD, CAKE, DOT, ETH, FFT or a combination of tokens in the Futura dApp. Investors can automatically reinvest earnings to multiply profits as well. Beyond their current passive reflection rewards system, Futura has plans to evolve their ecosystem to include: staking pools, play to earn NFT staking, and a unique smart contract escrow service on the Binance Smart Chain.

Futura aims to bring a new user experience to the global marketplace by proposing a decentralized escrow system built on the Binance Smart Chain that focuses on Web 3.0 functionalities for the next generation of payments processing. By restoring trust in commercial, transactional experiences on the Binance Smart Chain, users of the Futura dApp will be able to openly transact without fear of not receiving services paid for.

Though Futura’s initial business model aims to reward holders like most reflection tokens, what differentiates the project from others is their ability to adapt over time. This ability is granted by specific code functionality that allows the team to add additional tokens to the dApp for rewards. This gives rise to the power of the community, who can collectively request that certain tokens be added over the course of time. This adaptability creates inherent utility, as investors will not need to abandon their investment since their investment can adapt to their needs first. The ability for the community to maintain their investments with a team they already trust is monumentally beneficial for everyone.