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FLOKIZ Price Live Data

What is FlokiZap? (FLOKIZ)

FLOKIZ is a brand new reflection protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. This contract will have unique features and will be the first of its kind to introduce reflections to holders with absolutely ZERO taxes. The FlokiZap Protocol is based on a token with passive yield mechanics that do not stem from transfer taxes. Instead, the passive yields come from supply expansion from new buy orders (which represent organic demand for the token). As a FlokiZap holder, you passively earn more tokens for every new buy order placed for $FLOKIZ. Your rewards are instantly “zapped” into your wallet after each new buy. There is never any tax when buying or transferring between wallets. On every $FLOKIZ SELL transaction 12% (this number is flexible & can be adjusted accordingly to the chart) of the sold tokens will be burnt directly from the liquidity pool. Burning the supply of $FLOKIZ raises the price floor. Contrary to many mining or staking projects that burn tokens from what they hold outside liquidity, which has no impact on price, our project burns directly from liquidity which results in a raised price. We burn these coins by sending them out of existence; they are not sent to burn wallet of any kind. By making all the tokens scarcer with every sell transaction, a real deflation will push the price higher.

Is FLOKIZ Secure?

The project has been audited by Interfi, with a score of 90/100 - https://flokizap.finance/assets/images/FlokiZap_AuditReport_InterFi.pdf

Liquidity has also been locked for 6 months - https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/1067?chain=BSC

What Makes FLOKIZ Unique?

FlokiZap introduces AirZap. Airzap is an airdrop platform & protocol where up-and-coming projects will be promoted to our community and potential investors. By airdropping tokens to FLOKIZ followers it allows their user base to increase. Projects that use the Airzap service will get a massive promotional boost and therefore new investors. By using the platform, new projects will gain legitimacy; vital for projects that have had no past experience in the Crypto space.

How Many FLOKIZ Coins Are There in Circulation?

Flokiz Protocol launched on November 3, 2021 with 10 million FLOKIZ tokens created at genesis.

Who Are the Founders of FlokiZap Protocol?

The FlokiZap Protocol is the brainchild of the SAFU City BSC team.

Consisting of a number of experienced developers, artists, and experienced crypto traders, the international group has amassed a massively positive status in the BSC space.

Where Can I Buy FlokiZap (FLOKIZ)?

FLOKIZ can be purchased on the BSC chain. Join their Telegram channel and a member of the team will be able to assist you further.

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