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What Is Farm XYZ (FARMX)?

Farm XYZ simplified investing in yield farms and liquidity pools.

Farm XYZ transforms any decentralized investment into tradable XASSETS that users can just buy at a price, that price increases with the value of the underlying assets; yield, compounding, everything is included there, and they can just trade in and out like an ETF.

FARMX Utility token is used for: * Fees for accessing the platform and paying commissions * Used for governance votes to determine how resources are allocated * Earning commissions on trades

Farm XYZ features include: - Marketplace with yield farms from multiple platforms - Invest from any coin - Liquidity farm & associated pool investment in a single click - Create limit and stop orders to automatically exit from XASSET positions - Track investments thoroughly and compare to USD - RealAPY© tracking that calculates the APY you actually get in USD Diversify and track - XFUNDs - Create yield farming funds and list them on the platform, earn fees if other investors invest through the fund - Invest in diversified yield farms and lower risk - Auto rebalancing index funds - Auto-compounding index funds B2B Solutions: - Permissionless staking solution: any project owner can configure, test and deploy a farm in 5 minutes - Whitelabel: interface can be configured to look like any brand

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