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FamilyParty is a comprehensive GameFi platform that integrates NFT trading market, IDO function, mystery box release, and game distribution. The main body of the team is a traditional game developer and owns more traditional game product copyrights. It can integrate well-made traditional games with Play to earn fun blockchain games are fully integrated, so that more self-developed game products that are in line with the spirit of Play to Earn and are full of fun are launched. In addition, FamilyParty will also provide a game publishing platform for traditional game developers and game fans to enrich the platform's game product line. FamilyParty will also integrate a user growth system, accumulate experience through various behaviors of users on the platform, upgrade its account level, and obtain various of rights and interests. In the future, the platform will launch the DAO governance model to promote the transition of the platform to a truly decentralized game community, and ultimately realize the autonomy of all users of the platform, and the platform currency will become the DAO governance token.

About FPC(FamilyParty Coin): ①. FPC is the platform governance token of FamilyParty, which can not only participate in each game, but also the governance token in the platform's DAO governance model in the later stage. ② FPC is the base currency of independent game products. When a new game is released, FPC can be used to purchase the NFT mystery box of the new game. ③ The overall mechanism of FPC is a deflation model, and the NFT trading market will charge transaction fees to repurchase and destroy FPC. ④ The IDO module of the platform will introduce a pledge system. Users need to pledge a certain amount of FPC to obtain different identity levels, so as to obtain corresponding IDO quotas.