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Self-reported circulating supply
1,000,000,000 XBLL
Total supply
1,000,000,000 XBLL
Max. supply
1,000,000,000 XBLL

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The world's first DeFi futures market

ExtractoDAO is a different state-of-the-art DeFi. No other DeFi has managed to integrate into the TradFi market. ExtractoDAO does not expose its investors to the crazy risks of a rotten multi-collateral basket of volatile cryptocurrencies. Gain direct exposure to commodity markets with ExtractoDAO futures without being positioned in the cryptocurrency market. ExtractoDAO is a decentralized proposal of food production and commodities, striving to contribute to the cause of food security, fighting hunger, misery, malnutrition and at the same time generating fair revenue to all the participants in the DAO.

The ExtractoDAO also proposes the decentralization of private property by the collective man.

At ExtractoDAO, you are the one who decides how much coin you want to mint and when you want to mint that coin based on your own production guarantee through the use of smart contracts in the Drawer.

Haven’t you ever heard of the word DRAWER in the cryptocurrency market? Drawers carry the same sense as the wooden drawers from in a lawyer’s office cabinet which is the place where client documents are stored, however here it refers to a new storage technology for Smart contracts.

Initially, while developers create Drawers Apps for IOS and Android, all participating DeFi members that have adhered to the Extracto@ smart contracts will be able to use the online version of the Drawers. These will have the same function as law office drawers with the purpose of safely storing smart contracts; transparent and auditable by everyone. These are not to be mistaken for wallets. Drawers will serve the new market standard created by the Joel Almeida in contrast to Buterin’s initial idea.

Its use, in practically the totality of existing projects, can be summarized in generating a single smart contract and selling tokens with which to fundraise. There is nothing wrong with this, having said that, the most fervent and powerful application and use of smart contracts makes the life of criminals much more difficult. We must turn back to smart contracts, restarting correctly, as we move forward with tokenization more responsibly.

On the other hand, no one has minted a decentralized coin ballasted on food production with the intent of taking advantage of the cryptocurrency ecosystem to bring to the world solutions to improve people’s lives. ExtractoDAO does just that, It solves the issue of food insecurity, creates the COW stablecoin and at the same time generates profits for its participants.

ExtractoDAO has decided to proceed differently. No token blockage to create other tokens. Members will be free to sell their Extracto@ smart contracts to third parties prior to the 135-day maturing period to create COW and profit from this operation.

There is no token blocking to mint new coins, members detain smart contracts; they mature and new coins are birthed. How will the project maintain itself? Where will the project´s upkeep for marketing and development come from? Will the DeFi fees alone do this? NO. The project will maintain itself through admin, contract swap, production management, and blockchain usage fees. ExtractoDAO produces coins ballasted on production, and charges operational fees. Its products are liquidated at a market profit, monetizing its members, and maintaining the business.

The Extracto@ smart contracts will be simple to liquidate, they will either be for you to speculate with or to protect yourself from price movement in one of the most profitable activities in the world. Pursue rewards, manage risks, and diversify your portfolio participating in the DAO. We´ve created the true Futures Market. We are issuing Extracto@ so there will be new ways to protect producers and buyers by holding positions and risk management. The value of a smart contract is completely separate from minting tokens. A contract has real value expressly linked to it, which is a real guarantee of the exercise of its rights. The ExtractoDAO innovates and reinforces the importance of a broader application of smart contracts beyond the limited form that the crypto market has taken. What is a Bull Token? It is the governance token that empowers the participant with voting power at ExtractoDAO. And a Cow Coin? It is a stablecoin ballasted on the participants’ capital who mints his own coins, after the expiration date of the future’s Extracto@ smart contract in the ExtractoDAO platform.

The COW is an international coin for agribusiness. One of the great issues of the food crisis is caused by the influence of coins backed by governments. The COW proposes becoming a globalized coin used for food production. All buyers and sellers will be able to use the COW’s stability. The auditing of this coin is done by the issuer himself, in other words the participating member at ExtractoDAO is the one who certifies the ballast of his own coin and the production and no longer a central authority. There are many stablecoins in the market, but the COW coin is the only one that has an economic proposal based on the fact that it is generated through a truly transparent ballast. Wouldn’t you trust a coin you yourself issued and through your own audit, based on a ballast that you created yourself for that coin? Haven’t you ever dreamed of having your own money printer? So, ExtractoDAO is giving you the opportunity to fulfill your dream. You yourself will mint whatever number of COW coins you desire based on the capital that you will make available for food production. You are the one that will decide the day and date in which you will mint new COW coins, seen as you are the one who decides the day to buy the smart contract and the value contributed to the Extracto@ contract with the specified maturity date. All buying and selling of products, machinery, fertilizers, tech, and food production will be able to use the COW for agribusiness’ stability relieving the causes for food insecurity.

In the ExtractoDAO DeFi, We have decided to apply the kg mathematics to symbolize voting power. Votes have a weight in kilograms (KG) which may vary from 0.001 kg to 5 kg. Initially, we will be working with the total sum of tokens for voting and people’s participation in the DAO. We are validating the mathematics of the kilogram system in ExtractoDAO voting. People will be incentivized to participate, and those involved will benefit by being granted a degree in reputation so that someday they may become a DPR (Delegate Per Reputation). We must unite to build a single vision, fight hunger, poverty, misery, and other ailments that are flourishing in the heart of humanity, through the power of our protocol.

In the ExtractoDAO bovine protein futures market you have a direct exposure in stable commodities and stay away from the risks associated with tokens. You will receive a smart contract to administer with maturity in 135 days but can sell to third parties before the expiration day. Commodity futures trading offers direct exposure with low risks to its underlying markets. ExtractoDAO has brought the real futures market to the cryptocurrency market with development of the exclusive and patented technology called DRAWER, You participate in the cryptocurrency market without exposure in the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. ExtractoDAO can show critics of the cryptocurrency market that the problems of not investing because of market volatility should no longer exist. ExtractoDAO creator Joel Almeida agrees with executives at major banks such as JPMorgan, HSBC, Bank of China and Bank of America that cryptocurrencies are mostly useless and meaningless, but now with DRAWER all this previous creation will come to pass to make sense. All products and businesses in the world can be traded on DRAWER and all critptocoins and tokens make sense. A new time will emerge from January 15 with drawer's official launch by the technology startup. Participants cannot confuse issuing smart contracts to position themselves in the real futures market by using blockchain technology with the purchase of voting power by issuing the Bull XBLL token. If this technology existed before the market swelled, people who were positioned on smart contracts Extracto@ be profiting while people with cryptocurrency exposure would be losing. ExtractoDAO will certainly study in the future the possibility of direct exposure combined with futures leverage that empowers traders to control valuable commodity contracts with only a fraction of the total value of trading on the platform. What is an ExtractoDAO bovine protein commodity futures contract? Commodity futures Extracto@ allow traders to buy or sell a commodity at a specific date in the future with predictability of real profits. The contract will be issued tied to the weight, fattening or simply increasing the natural weight that a bovine feedlot provides. The contract will be burned and thrown into the black hole on its due date and a dollar-backed Stablecoin called COW will be created. The Trader may pass on his fattening contract before maturity to third parties and appropriate part of the profits. Many people ask us the ExtractoDAO on the issue of financial market regulators. We are launching a new technology in a market that there is no concrete specific regulation. ExtractoDAO has created a technology that will make life easier for regulators in various parts of the world. It works in the structure of a DAO or decentralized autonomous organization, a form of enterprise that is not yet achieved by the laws of any country. ExtractoDO's dream is to be the world's first DeFI project to gain international recognition from regulators for its ability to create a technology that will benefit and mature a confusing market full of greedy scammers. We are creating the future, at DRAWER each contract is directly linked to its underlying market that will be issued, oxen, soybeans, corn, coffee and others. There will be normal swings around products, in other words, when the price of a commodity - or spot price - goes up or down, the futures contract changes simultaneously. There are three main categories of commodity futures that will be issued by ExtractoDAO to its participants, agriculture, energy and metals. All contracts are derived from commodities from raw materials, including oil, natural gas, gold, silver, corn, soybeans and cattle. There is direct exposure to the spot price or spot price which is the current price of a goods for purchase, payment or immediate delivery. Therefore, the term in cash indicates a price that can be executed "on time". All commodity futures prices are derived directly from spot price, and spot prices are internationally accepted by commodity traders around the world. The construction of the future contract, by its nature, is based on the spot price. For example, crude oil (CL) futures are based on the spot price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil. As a result, CL traders get direct exposure to the spot price of crude oil. In addition, the spot price is what you would pay if you received the physical delivery of a good.

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