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Engine is an experimental development platform that incorporates adaptive gaming mechanics into the blockchain. By using a revolutionary protocol that allows game developers to directly incorporate the outputs from non blockchain protocols to blockchain compatible data, Engine acts as a bridge between the two ecosystems.

Through this, Engine gives the game developers the ability incorporate features such as Play to Earn and Player vs Player wager style competitions and much more into their existing games and game universes.

This allows the merge of multiple sectors essentially creating a multiverse where both gaming and crypto enthusiasts benefit alike.

With Engine, soon all the games you played, play and will play in the future will gain the ability to incorporate NFTs into assets, give out prizes for competitions.

Engine will also act as an incubator for new and upcoming developers, helping them develop and publish their games. Through this Engine hopes to bring Indie games to mainstream and to create a revenue stream and a path of publication for talented yet undiscovered developers.