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Energy Ledger Inc. seeks to make ELX the standard software development platform for energy value trade on the blockchain. The goal and intent of creating this generalized crypto-commodity is to (i) create a cryptocurrency that can be utilized by the energy industry to manage oil containers, and (ii) to incentivize the long term storage of crude oil through investment in the ecosystem. The idea for ELX was originally conceptualized in 2018 by founder and CEO of Energy Ledger Inc., William G. Pete, who identified the potential for Crude Oil markets to fall into contango or backwardation due to the lack of a computer system such as blockchain being developed to manage and understand the scarcity of storage for crude oil. As of April 2020, oil indexes such as WTI briefly fell negative because of contango patterns “Oil prices have been trading in a pattern known as contango this year, where spot prices and near-term futures are worth less than futures expiring several months from now” (Salzman, A., 2020) and “But suddenly this week, the super contango pattern shifted into a pattern called backwardation, if only briefly. Backwardation means oil today is worth more than oil in the future.” (Salzman, A., 2020). With this issue coming to fruition, Energy Ledger was formed to prove the concept and eventual execution of a deployed blockchain solution for crude oil storage units. Smart contract process characteristics portend potential business process continuous improvement for supply chain processes. The potential for supply chain business process improvements can be situated in blockchain information that may capture performance metrics in ledgers; linking them to agree upon processes (S. Saberi, M. Kouhizadeh, J. Sarkis & L. Shen., 2019).

The robust ecosystem available for smart contract development within the Ethereum Solidity Ecosystem, and IBM Hyperledger platforms became the catalyst for the development of Energy Ledger’s proposed solutions: i.) A public blockchain on Ethereum for developers to launch open source energy software utilizing the ELX token, ii.) A business, Energy Ledger Inc., whom will act as a consultancy firm for private enterprise blockchains, iii.) Development of tamper proof IoT flow meters & liquid level sensors for containers.

The company that issues the ELX Token is ERG Foundation Limited in Mauritius

The consulting arm of the company is Energy Ledger Inc.