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What Is EGOH Finance (EGOH)?

EGOH Finance is a decentralized finance DeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain.

EGOH Finance introduces a community-oriented token built on the idea that 'we are all devs'. Each community member is empowered to use the EGOH brand in order to help further build the ecosystem.

EGOH is building a community of developers. EGOH is unlike any other token out there. We are a community-oriented token built on the idea that we are all devs. EGOH Finance got its start when several long-time HOGE holders & community members came together to brainstorm ways to further enhance the experience for crypto investors.

Our aim is to build upon and expand the HOGE ecosystem by leveraging our collective learnings and experiences. We are all EGOH!

General Information: * Website * Whitepaper * DexTools * PooCoin * PancakeSwap * LinkTree

What makes EGOH Finance (EGOH) unique?

EGOH Finance launched on November 24th, 2021 with 100 billion EGOH maximum circulating supply. EGOH is a BEP20 token that is initially tradable via PancakeSwap. EGOH is deflationary, meaning there will never be more tokens in circulation than there are right now. EGOH rewards holders through passive reflection of HOGE tokens thereby keeping the community motivated and aligning interests between EGOH and HOGE. By launching EGOH as a BEP20 token, we are leveraging the advantages of BSC to expand HOGE (an ERC native token), thereby bridging the gap across the ecosystems.

EGOH is a community of developers. Each community member is empowered to use the brand as they wish to help further build the ecosystem. EGOH will achieve success by focusing on improving its brand, Decentralized Finance (DeFi) technology, charitable efforts, and, most importantly, its people.

  • 5% Rewards Tax - Every Buy/Sell will incur a 5% tax. This tax will redistribute HOGE to all holders. To see your reflections add the HOGE BSC contract address: 0xa4fffc757e8c4f24e7b209c033c123d20983ad40

  • 2% Marketing Tax - Every Buy/Sell will incur a 2% tax. This tax will go towards the marketing wallet for future growth of the EGOH token and ecosystem.

  • 2% LP Tax - Every Buy/Sell will incur a 2% tax. This tax will go directly back into the Liquidity Pool to help further strengthen the token and provide stability and growth.

  • 1% Burn Wallet - Every Buy/Sell will incur a 1% tax. This tax will result in burning supply for every transaction. EGOH is deflationary. This burned supply will be in a dead wallet, never to be seen again.

The Vision for EGOH

In an industry that relies on individuals exchanging value with one another, nothing matters more than community. EGOH will empower its community and talent pool to build on the EGOH ecosystem. It empowers the individuals within using decentralized governance and tools.

EGOH will drive awareness through educational content and partnerships. We will hold special events, raids, and utilize open forums for communication (Twitter Spaces, Telegram Voice Chat, AMAs, etc).

Through our community, we will drive unity and innovation in this crypto space. We will utilize our vast talent pool and allow each holder to tokenize their passion via special platforms, projects, and use cases.