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eGame is a blockchain-based platform that brings together professional and amateur gamers, as well as their followers, to create an unparalleled shared gaming experience. eGame encourages community participation through online competitions, betting, fundraising, and digital sales, among other things. Users on the platform build communities, share information, organize fantasy tournaments, engage in safe betting, and support the development of up-and-coming players all over the world.

The eGame platform's eGI token is at the core of every operation carried out on the gaming platform. Although users can use other major cryptocurrencies for wagers, contributions, NFT sales, and other monetary transactions on the site, users are strongly urged to utilize eGI since it offers substantial rewards whenever they do so. Some of the main use-cases are outlined below.

eGame will reduce the fragmentation of eSports. Anyone may establish a single global gaming profile for all games using dApps. As a result, this will aid in the recording of all key information for all games across all gaming communities on the blockchain, assuring their validity and transparency. eGame aims to become the de-facto platform for all eSports fans, bringing to them an unmatched, ecstatic gaming experience.