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The Ghibli universe has been shot through a blackhole and entered into a multiverse. Some of our beloved cute and cuddly good guys are bad. Some bad guys are good. In order for us to save the world of Ghibli, a brave hero must step up and defeat all of the bad guys to pull the universe back to the way it should be.

In Doge’s Spirited Howling Castle - The Game, you get to choose from hundreds of different heroes you can mint from our NFT store.

You’re armed with various weapons and artifacts that you find throughout the game that will be crucial in your journey to save Ghibli world from the multiverse and bring order back to things.

Play for free or play to earn. This game has 5 levels and 5 different bosses. Finish with the highest score and contribute back to the community to earn MIYAZAKI tokens.

Game Features

Single Player Mode: Earn $MIYAZAKI - Top Scores

Multiplayer Tournaments: Compete against other players. Earn $MIYAZAKI by scoring the most

Ghibli World - Enter the Ghibli Metaverse

NFT characters: Buy and Sell Characters On marketplace

Community: Group Driven Progress

This is a high score play to earn game. Each game you start with 3 lives. Fight through 200 levels and earn the highest score before losing your 3 lives. There’s ways to gain additional lives in the game if you can find the extra life hearts. At the end of every day, we will post the high scores on the site. The highest scores will earn the P2E prize of the day. The highest scores of the week earns the P2E prize of the week.