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DTH Price Live Data

DeathWolf ($DTH) provides a never seen before elegant and accurate representation of the volatility in cryptocurrency markets, like the VIX on the normal stock market index.

By weighing the price movements of all crypto tokens against one another, $DTH is able to accurately forecast the impending fate of current crypto markets, and allows investors to respond accordingly.

The crypto markets are dynamic and ever changing, and $DTH provides the service needed to accurately forecast changing prices and market outlooks.

DeathWolf combine tracked prices across multiple crypto exchanges, so you can always know when a good time to trade is, without further interventions than our recurrent up-to-date snapshots.

The goal of DeathWolf is to give you tools to understand how the market will behave within a set period of time. Whether the market is ripe for new positions and has opportunities to take advantage of, or should you stay away and completely stew away from any decisions.

DeathWolf will increase trust in the cryptocurrency market overall and not just in its own ecosystem.