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Cybertino is the world’s first interactive NFT platform for influencers and fans.

  • In short-term, it's aiming to build the first NFT platform that enables influencers to launch their digital merches. Fans who own their digital merches, can get additional benefits like receiving voice messages from their favorite KOLs.
  • In long run, it's aiming to build a virtual identity account system as the infrastructure of the upcoming metaverse. For example, everyone will have their own virtual avatar by taking a selfie, then you can buy digital merches for your avatar, and decorate it as your best virtual IP socializing and working online, etc.

The team founding this project is the same and upgraded founding members of DLive.TV, which raised 20M USD back in 2017, evaluated at $120M and sold it to TRON by end of 2019. Successful exit. The founding team re-united and aim to make mass adoption for the interactive NFT market.