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We have created the COUSINDOGE token to be the ever-rewarding DEFI token for the community with three dynamic features: Reflection, BigBangBurn and Anti-Whales Limits.

We hope together, we can achieve both ours and Cousin’s Doge goal: to the moon!!!

Cousin Doge is Doge’s cousin, twice removed, and is the most neglected member of the Doge Family. His gibberish language is only understood by his family and his best friend, Cousin Itt of the Addams Family. Often left alone and rejected by outsiders, Cousin Doge ran away into the woods one day and was almost eaten by wolves had it not been for Cousin Itt who saved him. He has been visiting the Addams Family quite often since and became their favorite pet. Through Cousin Itt, Cousin Doge was able to make a new friend of a different dog family, Snoop Dogg.