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Canadian Inuit Dog token has migrated from V1 to V2. Find more details in their announcement. Please refer to the Canadian Inuit Dog V2 page here.

Canadian Inuit Dog(OLD)CADINU

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What Is the Canadian Inuit Dog Project (CADINU)?

CADINU is a global project with a dream to facilitate its holders to earn income, enjoy life, and support pets. CADINU TOKEN is fully decentralized and will be used for on-platform and off-platform payments.

CADINU is a native utility token that will be used for:

  • On-platform payments of CADINU.
  • Payments of the games prizes
  • Airdrops

CADINU tools that are available now:

  • CADINU beta games bot on telegram.
  • CADINU airdrop smart contract.

Tools that will be launched:

  • CADINU Pet Supporting Platform will help pet supporters to find pets that need to be supported.
  • CADINU "Play to earn" games will create a different experience for gamers.
  • CADINU "Pet Supporting Platform" mobile apps.
  • CADINU "Play to earn" games mobile apps.

How Many CADINU Tokens Are There in Circulation?

CADINU was Launched on August 15, 2021, with 100 quadrillion CADINU tokens created. 50% of all supplies were offered publicly and fairly by creating a liquidity pool in the PancakeSwap. 48% of all supplies in the developer's wallet burned at a triple event. 2% of all supplies will be sent to airdrop participants and the developer has
begun sending rewards and it is still in progress . Because of the automatic burning function of CADINU Smart Contract, 12.5% of all supplies are burned so far and the total supply is 39.439 Quadrillion until February 11, 2022.

Who is the Founder of CADINU Project?

CADINU Project is the brainchild of Bez B.M., who has different experiences in business and blockchain.

He found the power of community, the attention of people to meme coins and "play to earn" games, and He decided to create a platform for pets, pet lovers, and gamers.

This project is still developing and more than 5 staff are working on it, including a Blockchain developer, a game developer, an NFT artist, and a marketing team.

Where Can I Buy Canadian Inuit Dog (CADINU)?

CADINU TOKEN is available for trading on exchanges, with cryptocurrency and [stablecoin] pairs currently available and three Swaps.

[Pancake swap] The biggest liquidity pool pair CADINU/BNB is in ( ) and 100% of the LP tokens are locked until 16 Nov 2024.

Dex-Trade offers USDT/CADINU pair.