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What Is BondAppetit (BAG)?

BondAppetit is a lending DeFi protocol with a stablecoin (USDap) fully backed by real-world assets with fixed periodic income (bonds). Businesses can borrow money (in fiat as well as in crypto) from the protocol, providing bonds as collateral. BondAppetit is a part of the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem.

BAG is the BondAppetit governance token and the main incentive tool for participants of the protocol and the community. BAG holders have the option to earn rewards from real-world assets, which back the USDap. Stable income in USD is distributed between holders as staking rewards.

Who Are the Founders of BondAppetit?

BondAppetit was built by a team of seasoned coders, lawyers, and financiers, who worked at and with the most well-known global corporations. The key founder is Artem Tolkachev, a former head of the Blockchain Lab at Deloitte. One of the advisers is Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves.

What Makes BondAppetit Unique?

BondAppetit is the first DeFi protocol with a stablecoin (USDap) which is fully decentralized and fully backed by real-world assets with fixed periodic income (bonds). More, the underlying collateral generates a substantial passive income for BAG holders.