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BLOODY is a deflationary elastic experiment that clots if it doesn’t circulate. How does clotting work? Whenever the BLOODY transfer volume increases, everyone’s BLOODY balance gets a little bit bigger, whenever the BLOODY transfer volume decreases, everyone’s BLOODY balance gets a little bit smaller. How is it deflationary? Whenever there’s a BLOODY transfer, it spills. The faster it circulates, the higher the spill rate. How often are rebases? Hourly. After a rebase, transfers are frozen for 5 minutes. How are BLOODY liquidity providers incentivized? Half the spills are redistributed to BLOODY liquidity providers (up to 6% of ANY transfer). A BLOODY-ROT pool will be added to Rottenswap on Halloween. How is BLOODY initially distributed? BLOODY cannot be minted, it is distributed once on Oct 27th 2020 to ROT holders with a balance above 7,500. The snapshot block (11106871) was chosen at random 20% of airdrop supply is allocated to a marketing/dev fund for the ROT ecosystem (was requested and voted on in multiple governance proposals, not my personal preference). Are contracts audited? BLOODY is written 100% from scratch, not tested nor audited. It is NOT secure, use at your own risk. What does it BLOODY do? Nothing, it is an experiment with no purpose.