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Bishu Finance is a Decentralized Finance ERC20 protocol. The team behind $BishuFi are individuals from within the community who have resurrected a project that was once abandoned by its developer. The team subsequently banded together to design a new contract with upgraded tokenomics that reward holders for maintaining their holdings, whilst preventing large holders to cause a severe fluctuation in price by implementing an anti-volatility-mechanism called Niō

The token will form the epicenter of an ecosystem of DeFi protocols that will be built around it, and empower holders by giving them financial reign and choice, in a range of interesting DeFi vehicles that will allow holders to generate income, whilst guiding them through the DeFi space. Since DeFi can be unnavigable for the average investor, Bishu Finance aims to onboard the masses by bringing an ease of use, UX and publishing educational material to the DeFi space, in order to allow more users/holders to interact with DeFi products and improve their financial positions at the same time.

BishuFi is the native utility token of Bishu Finance, and includes the following uses:

Passive wealth aggregation through holding - all holders are rewarded Governance protocol in progress, which will allow holders to propose/vote on additions to the tokenomics, ecosystem and utility Reflections to the charity wallet, holders of $BISHUFI will be able to vote on donations