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Bifrost Finance, as the base protocol of the Polkadot ecology to provide liquidity for staked assets, will provide staking liquidity for ETH 2.0. Using the Bifrost protocol will be very simple, just convert ETH to vETH (Voucher Ethereum) and become a user served by the protocol. By holding vETH, you can earn staking reward and sell vETH without waiting for the lock-up period of ETH 2.0 Phase 0 to Phase 1 for up to one year to sell vETH to recoup funds. As a dual-protocol asset of ERC20 and Substrate Base, vETH not only enjoys the staking liquidity brought by vETH, but also allows vETH to cross-chain into the Polkadot parachain ecosystem through Ethereum <-> Polkadot transfer bridge and experience parachain ecosystem applications such as DeFi and Dapp in Polkadot.