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About Bat Finance

  1. Simple and easy-to-understand project on BSC Bat is an experimental project and social practice on the Binance BSC chain that integrates "BURN" "LP Acquisition" "Reflection" "LP Mining" mechanism. Bat will bring "meme token"/"Bat Swap" to the community, and plans to launch NFT market with full set of NFT products based on project progress.

  2. Features of Bat Project • Transparency: The Bat shares the progress of the project with the community. • Trust: Trust is the prerequisite for the success of the project. Bat tokens will follow the principle of fairness and justice. 50% of the Bat supply is burned by sending them to the black hole address, 25% of the Bat supply was seeded as liquidity, and 25% of the Bat supply will be mined by LP mining. No team share, no pre-sale. • Community: The Bat project belongs to the community, and the code is open. Every member of the community can contribute to the project. The community can manage the Bat project's market, research, and development work through DAO. • Long-term: The Automatic Liquidity Pool (LP) mechanism of the Bat project ensures the project's sustainable development. In addition, Bat will develop and deploy Bat Swap to provide a better DEX for other BSC ecological projects.

  3. Bat Tokenomics $BAT is a token issued on the BSC chain, with a total of 1,000 trillion: • 50% of the Bat supply is sent the black hole address for destruction; • 25% of the Bat supply was seeded as liquidity; • 25% of the Bat supply is planned to be mined by LP within 30 days through liquidity mining; • Liquidity mining will start at a specific height of BSC based on the progress of the project; • 7% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in the BAT/BNB pool, creating an ever-rising price floor; • 2% of all transactions are distributed to holders. Watch your wallet climb the minute you begin holding; • 1% of is sent the black hole address for destruction.

  4. Bat Swap Bat Swap is a more flexible decentralized exchange on BSC, so it solves the non-customizable problem of other decentralized exchanges:

• Trading pairs on Bat Swap can adjust transaction fees (0.2% to 15%); 25% of the fees are used to buy back $BAT. The adjustable trade fee provides a solution for reducing the impermanent loss of liquidity mining for DeFi projects at Bat Swap. • 1/100000 of the total amount of $BAT is used to adjust the trade fee transaction fees for a trading pair. • If Projects add liquidity at Bat Swap, some percentage of the transactions are automatically added to the LP pool, which effectively helps projects form a better LP pool. The community recommends DeFi projects to Bat Swap to provide liquidity that will benefit both parties. • Plan to launch NFT market based on the progress of Bat project, which provides a complete ecosystem of a full set of NFT production and trading.

  1. Vision As the Bat project delivers meme token and Bat Swap products to the community, the Bat community can develop new eco products based on meme token and Bat Swap, such as lossless mining and NFTs. The BSC chain has tremendous potential, and it is the shared vision of the Bat community to become a star/moon project on the BSC ecological chain.