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In the evolution of cryptocurrency the words meme and NFT has been heard a lot, we share memes with one another of a daily basis however have you ever asked yourself “who made this meme?” “who owns this meme?” With Bambino NFT your memes can now be owned!

Bambino was inspired by the love of meme coins, NFT and cryptocurrency. BAMBINO brings you the full functionality of a meme token, set to take the cryptocurrency leading platform, integrating all your favorites into one.

With Bambino our investors not only will have the opportunity to enjoy their investment return but also have the opportunity to create their own wealth by creating FUN memes, mint the meme and trade it in the soon to be made available market place.

It’s ok if you not a meme creator Bambino has thought of your to, not only will NFT minting investors have the opportunity to enjoy the market place, you can purchase NFT’s and trade, sell or auction them. All bambino investors will also receive a holders reward as detailed in the Tokenomics on every buy and sell transaction of $BAMBI.