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Babycatgirl is a deflationary, collectable NFT meme coin that is “the first $CATGIRL reflection token".

Holders of $BABYCATGIRL will get paid hourly rewards for holding $BABYCATGIRL.

Babycatgirl is a project that was fair launched on the 1st of November Q4 2021 as a community driven deflationary NFT cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Babycatgirl users will be able to get their hands on certified collectible NFTs that will be released on the Babycatgirl Marketplace.

The developers of the platform understand that their project is perceived by the audience as a meme-coin, however they also stand firm in their commitment towards initiatives and investments.

$BABYCATGIRL holders benefit from $CATGIRL reflections taken from every transaction.

Babycatgirl was founded by four people who have chosen not to reveal their identities for now. The team consists of a leading developer, secondary developer, a graphic designer and web developer. Both developers are also digital artists who have worked on multiple manga and webtoon series.