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AXIA is a next generation blockchain with superior economics designed to foster mass adoption to truly bring the advantages of blockchain technology to the mainstream. It is the most inclusive, decentralized blockchain to-date, is scalable, fast and interoperable, with unmatched economics to benefit people all around the world.

The native currency of the AXIA Network, AXIA Coin, is the first ever hyper-deflationary asset-supported digital currency that can be used globally. AXIA Coin has a limited supply that reduces based on participation and activity in its expanding ecosystem as well as the utility to be used as a preferred medium of exchange.

The AXIA Ecosystem consists of AXIA Capital Bank (financial services, coin staking), AXIA Tel (Telecom company), “Use-to-Earn” apps like AXplorer (browser) and AXchat (messenger), among other platforms. Visit to join today.

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