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As the project is relatively new, please review our disclaimer

About the ARCx ICO

The ARCx project scheduled their ICO between Mar 4, 2021 and Mar 9, 2021. The ARCx project goal is to raise $7,800,000 through the sale of 10,000 tokens at an ICO price of $6,500.

The project claims to be a synthetic asset game. The objective of the project is for users (ARC Angles) to create a new asset class and provide liquidity. ARC allows users to issue debt by using any token as collateral. Users could deposit their collateral to ARC and get debt denominated in US Dollars. ARC holds onto their tokens until they pay back their loan. All debt is backed by more value than created it.

ARC as a network has levels that need to be completed by all the players. Each level helps the network advance in a meaningful way which should directly increase the price of the ARC token itself.

Please refer to more details at its Gamepaper.