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Launched in 01/05/2021 Antimony Coin, often denoted as the ATMN, is a cryptocurrency used to purchase goods and services and apply a robust cryptography online ledger to promote a secure form of online transactions. The Antimony Coin is a new currency in the market that will effectively operate globally. In this instance, the primary attachment of the currency is a prepaid bank, where transactions of the currency can be more straightforward. When the currency is attached to a prepaid bank, an individual can exchange it from cryptocurrency to a fiat currency. At this point, the fiat currency is issued by the government. On this note, the bank has complete control of the economy by determining the primary amount of money being printed. An example of fiat currency that is applicable in this case is United States dollars. An individual can withdraw from a prepaid ATM card and perform the desired task. Considerably, the currency is essential in expounding online transactions and advancing the need for online transaction security. The role of the Antimony Coin is to perform smoothly, facilitating the market with faster transactions, secure peer to peer acknowledgement, and not for last to become a bridge between decentralized and centralized fiat markets. The development of the Antimony coin project has two foundations: the company Coinagetrade ltd which is about to receive the license to operate on traditional financial markets and the Antimony coin community which will operate a horizontal development of the project. Both foundations converge on the use of the ATMN blockchain and are described in the available versions of the white paper and community yellowpaper available at We summarize the fundamental concepts in the following: Coinage ltd facilitates the adoption of ATMN on traditional markets by ensuring the convertibility of ATMN to USD, EUR, GBP through its namesake registered company based in London with permission to operate in the markets . The Antimony community facilitates ATMN adoption by operating across cryptocurrency markets with community development of the ATMN blockchain and aggressive, unconventional marketing. By simultaneously operating centralized and decentralized finance, Antimony's project ensures maximum ATMN coin adoption resulting in a positive effect on the value of the coin. Value increased by the technical features of the ATMN blockchain. A POW-POW hybrid with masternode that in itself is an added value that allows the project to differentiate itself on the market.