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Mar 18, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Jul 30, 2023 (4 months ago)
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About Anji

What Is AnjiEco (ANJI)?

The continuously growing AnjiEco is based on a decentralized network of interconnected apps, tokens and services that result in the creation of DeFi that benefits holders, the environment, and, most importantly, causes that make the world better.

Through AnjiSwap and AnjiSwap Lite, investors and developers alike can have a streamlined platform at their fingertips. Investors can buy and sell tokens on multiple chains through our AnjiRouter, access their ANJI rewards, and more all through one space. Developers can become part of our ecosystem and utilize the AnjiSwap design, integrate it with their own website, and offer it to their communities as well.

In addition, a key facet of the AnjiEco ethos, and the heart of the Anji Foundation, is contributing to causes that build a better future. Through our Tomorrow Pool, funds are raised through a portion of transaction taxes. Investors can also choose to donate their rewards to the Tomorrow Pool. Anji Protocol ANJI (or $ANJI) is a reward-focused cryptocurrency that gives holders of ANJI the blockchain's native token (currently BNB, but soon to be heavily diversified) as a reward on all transactions, a percentage of the returns from Anji apps and services, and the ability to re-invest at a greatly reduced charge back into the ecosystem. The Anji Ecosystem revolves around ANJI.

All transactions (buys, sells, and transfers) are coded into the ANJI contract to collect 10% in fees:

  • 3% for the liquidity pool
  • 3% rewards to holders in the blockchain native token (BNB)
  • 2% contribution to Tomorrow Pool
  • 2% contribution to AnjiFoundation: development, operations and marketing AnjiEco combines:

AnjiSwap AnjiSwap, our user-friendly token exchange interface, has made DeFi simpler than ever. It allows investors to conveniently swap tokens on multiple chains from within the Anji ecosystem. AnjiSwap lowers the entrance hurdle for new crypto investors whilst also offering the potential for more experienced crypto users to pursue more advanced DeFi opportunities.

The Anji Foundation recognises that DeFi is still a disconcerting place for the discerning or less experienced user; in acknowledgement of this, AnjiSwap was created to be clean, elegant, and simple to use dApp to help soften the learning curve in the broader adoption of DeFi. AnjiSwap is designed to be fluid and multi-chain compatible. This results in pre-existing tokens not requiring to restrict themselves to one specific platform, and as a result, be limited to one type of investor. AnjiSwap enables interaction between multiple trading pairs from different platforms in a single place. What differentiates AnjiSwap from others, PancakeSwap for example, is in their integration of AnjiRouter. By using their own router, Anji has implemented their own trading fee in lieu of another swap’s, PancakeSwap’s 0.25% trade fee for example. The difference here is that fees taken by AnjiSwap get rewarded to ANJI holders and the Tomorrow Pool (which focuses on contributions to amazing causes.)

Furthermore, thanks to this approach, AnjiSwap also exists on other blockchains to help support tokens there. AnjiSwap is not only more approachable than other platforms, but it is designed with consideration for its overall goal of bringing consideration of humanity and human elements to crypto. Anji acknowledges that a majority of currently existing swaps, in particular, the BSC sector, are eccentric and lack a need for another swap following these guidelines. Anji aims to appeal to more serious investors and DeFi users. Memes and bright colors have been removed thus displaying a more serious approach to the process. There is no longer a thin veil of internet jargon and sensory overload between the user and platform, and Anji has made this choice to ensure a more human experience whilst utilizing tech.

AnjiSwap Lite

AnjiSwap Lite is a modular approach that can be used on any website that a token in the ecosystem wishes to integrate. By offering adaptability across numerous sights, security is provided by AnjiSwap Lite. Anji aims to make the days of fake swaps a thing of the past. If a potential holder can visit the website of the token they want to buy, they will feel more secure with their purchase stemming from the project itself. AnjiSwap Lite unites investors, projects and tokens alike. In its current conception, the market often requires users to copy the contract address and conduct transactions through an external exchange facilitator rather than directly on the project's website when they discover a new token they want to invest in. Only amplifying the divergence between projects, investors and ultimately stifling the adoption of DeFi and established or emerging tokens from being better embraced in the BSC. AnjiSwap Lite enables project owners to provide a smooth swap experience to new investors and their communities directly on their respective websites at no extra cost.


The AnjiRouter, built by AnjiLabs, replaces the routers used by other BSC swaps, meaning that swaps made in AnjiSwap or AnjiSwap Lite incarnations are facilitated by Anji's 0.2% transaction fee instead of similar fees such as PancakeSwap's. 0.25% trading fee. Anji’s 0.2% fee creates rewards for Anji holders, Tomorrow Pool for charity, and allows the mechanics of AnjiSwap to be possible.


Staking offers an opportunity to passively earn income on your crypto holdings, and is also possible on AnjiSwap. It just takes one token pick, but there are numerous ways to accumulate tokens. Users should make sure they understand the parameters of their decision when considering staking their crypto holdings in AnjiSwap. For example; you may be only allowed to stake up to half (50%) of your holdings and there may be time locking periods for staking. Lastly, AnjiSwap users can also see how many tokens they've earned over their staking term. Wallet

The AnjiSwap Wallet makes it simple to monitor your progress and token balance in dollars in line with market expectations. When you click on the tokens, you'll get additional information about each token listed in the AnjiEcosystem.

How Many ANJI Tokens Are There in Circulation?

Who Are the Founders of AnjiEco?

Where Can I Buy AnjiEco (ANJI)?

How Is the AnjiEco secured?

What Makes AnjiEco Unique?

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