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Alpha Impact is a DeFi-enabled social trading platform. Imagine "eToro for Crypto with better features: non-custodial wallets, DeFi pools, covering Options, Margin and Spot Trading." The platform welcomes two types of users, crypto investors looking for the best strategies and traders willing to monetize their skills!

Leaderboard displays the performances of top traders backed by their trading history. Traders can then compete to become the trader to copy! Moreover, traders have the possibility to promote their own brand. They can share different content (videos, articles, TradingView charts, etc.) The best their content, the more chance they will have to attract investors.

On the other hand, investors will look for the trader with the highest impact on their trade! They can read feedbacks and analysis of the traders to make their choices. Thanks to our non-custodial copy-trade technology, investors can select different traders to benefit from the best trades while keeping their funds with them.

$IMPACT is the utility token used to manage the interaction between traders and investors in the platform. Investors that hold it will have access to impactful insights and traders' best strategies. Traders will benefit from rewards and fees payment in $IMPACT!