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Spice Trade protocol is introducing a new revolutionary concept: A stable coin that automatically adjusts and protects against inflation. On a monthly basis, as U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases CPI data, the peg for iUSDS adjusts to account for inflation (or deflation). The goal here is to create a stable coin that maintains the relative purchasing power of USD.

The formula is as follows: Peg (iUSDS) = $1 / Buying Power Coefficient where Buying Power Coefficient (or BPC) = CPI as of January 2022 / Current CPI For example, as of May 2022, the latest CPl data published by BLS is for March 2022: March 2022: 287.504 January 2022: 281.148 Source: Therefore, Current BPC = 0.97789 and Peg (iUSDS) = 1/0.97789 = $1.0226 As BLS data updates over time, BPC gets updated based on a ramp up (or down) function to avoid sudden moves in the peg.