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Blockchain and Health Care: BurstIQ Use Cases That Leverage Verifiable Credentials

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Blockchain and Health Care: BurstIQ Use Cases That Leverage Verifiable Credentials


By Dock

4 months ago
2 mins read
Blockchain and Health Care: BurstIQ Use Cases That Leverage Verifiable Credentials

Dock has been developing secure and scalable Verifiable Credential technology since 2017. BurstIQ implemented Dock’s Verifiable Credential technology to make their health data secure, portable, and verifiable. This shows three BurstIQ use cases that demonstrate the importance of Verifiable Credentials in blockchain and health care.


  • There are many problems with patient data security and privacy in the health care industry
  • Verifiable Credentials and blockchain technology play a key role in enabling patient privacy and securing health data.
  • BurstIQ partnered with Dock to use Verifiable Credentials to turn any of their health data into a Verifiable Credential that is portable and secure. The data can be safely shared to recipients within and outside of their system.
  • BurstIQ is transforming health data into Verifiable Credentials that are used for a variety of use cases including enabling individuals to own and control their data, verifying skills and experiences, and enhancing employee experiences.

How Is Blockchain Used In Health Care?

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly popular in the health care industry. The secure and decentralized nature of blockchain makes it an excellent tool to enable the fast verification of health data, which is not stored on the blockchain itself. Patients store their own data. This health data can include everything from patient records to biometric information and genetic profiles. This innovative technology can be used to make it easier for health care providers and researchers to access the information they need while giving patients more control, ownership, and privacy of their data and how it is used.

Blockchain can help health care organizations streamline their operations by eliminating the need for manual verification of employee credentials and patient records. Blockchain enables users to easily create electronic records that are cryptographically protected from tampering or modification. The technology plays an important role in facilitating medical research, accelerating hiring processes, improving patient care, and ensuring the privacy of medical information.

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