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CARV Discovery | A Dive into Games in the Animoca Ecosystem

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CARV Discovery | A Dive into Games in the Animoca Ecosystem



6 months ago
7 mins read
CARV Discovery | A Dive into Games in the Animoca Ecosystem

We Carvers, a group of game enthusiasts and connoisseurs, pick a number of elegant and fun games each week, compile them into one article and present it to you. This week, we bring you games that are backed by Animoca Brands.

Animoca Brands has been a prominent player in the Web3 Gaming industry. It funded one of the most successful games in MetaVerse, the Sandbox. Of course, its gaming empire does not stop there, there are many fabulous games connected with Animoca Brands, and we have selected five titles to share with our CARV community.

Top games in the Animoca Ecosystem

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1. Revv MotorSport

CARV’s Take

The game combines retro-motorsport games with blockchain technology. Each in-game vehicle is an NFT that can be traded on the market. In terms of graphics, controls, and vehicle variability, the game is on par with most retro-games on the market. Now with NFT enabled, not only can you drive your loves in the game, but to actually own them! The game is a must-have for those who are in love with motorsports and retro-games.

The interoperability is good. REVV has a couple motorsports games, including MotoGP Ignition, REVV Racing, Formula E High Voltage, and there will be more suitable games on REVV in the future. The platform is located on Ethereum, Polygon, Flow and BSC, and some games are playable across different chains. Working with Animoca on some titles also helps interoperability.

The team used a different strategy regarding tokenomics. Instead of burning the tokens, the team keeps.

2. Arc 8

CARV’s Take

Arc 8 is a mobile platform that harbors many mini games. Compared to many GameFi projects out there, Arc 8 has a really low emphasis on tokenomics, but focuses heavily on fun. Most games on Arc 8 are mini games that we have encountered but with many super cool adjustments. For example, Qube 2048 is a game that fundamentally resembles 2048, but added with motion. Players need to slide qubes into qubes with the same number to form a X2 qube. Each time two qubes collide, the new cube is going to jump up and then fall down. Compared to traditional 2048, there are more elements players need to pay attention to in this game. It is certainly much more fun.

Take another example of GloboRun, it is basically Subway Surfer, but instead of being a surfer surfing on the subway, you are a globe running in a confined space. There are obstacles, accelerating & deceleration props, and players need to be smart to achieve longer distance.

There are few things great about Arc 8. First, the platforms are always renewing games. This made sure that various players can always find games they love to play. Secondly, all games are built upon fantastic classic games. Adding some little features here and there, you get a casual game that maintains its classic flavor but much more fun. Finally, for an app that harbors several games at the same time, I am astonished by how little storage it takes. In less than 300MB, you can enjoy 10+ different games!

Arc 8 is so amazing that I have forgotten its blockchain nature. Most games are Free to play, except some games require NFTs. You will receive GMEE after completing quests (most of the time about doing numbers of matches), and you can use the GMEE to purchase NFTs, upgrade them, or simply sell for profit.

In conclusion, Arc 8 is the Uncrowned King of Casual Games in the blockchain space. Given its fun game base, it might just be the platform we are looking for to bridge Web2 and Web3.

3. Phantom Galaxies

CARV’s Take

The pioneer 3A game that accommodates gamers from both Web 2 and Web 3 by its innovative design and blend of tokenomics and NFTs. The planet NFTs have brought the marriage of quality gameplay and governance on blockchain into reality. Jump into the galaxies that’s full of bad-ass mechas, own your unique planet and spaceship and take on a thrilling adventure.

As one of the first 3A game studios in Web 3, Blowfish has been building Phantom Galaxies with a mission to bring high-fidelity visuals, vast open-world full of challenges, well-crafted storylines and characters, and all those best bits of traditional games onto blockchain.

In order to onboard both Web 2 and Web 3 gamers together in the galaxies, different types of NFTs are designed to appeal to both preferences. For gamers only wish to play the game only need to own one Halberd-001 NFT (0.003 ETH on OpenSea) to have access to alpha test content, and mint a common NFT at a cost equivalent to buying a traditional 3A game to continue to play the full version (to be released).

Whereas, Web 3 NFT enthusiasts can go beyond and own more NFTs with further utilities including the planet NFTs, each of which has its own designated coordinates in the galaxies, unique traits and, most importantly, in-game token $ASTRAFER embedded. Once staking is enabled, holders of planets NFT will earn the tokens from emission with a multiplier to a set maximum based on the level of players and planets as well as their development stage.

The gameplay also has always been a top priority and sets Phantom Galaxies apart. Have you seen any other blockchain game that puts you in the pilot seat of a Starfighter, throws you into cosmic battle between mechs with blasting lasers, clashing metal and roaring missiles, or traveling across galaxies and transforming between combat humanoid and starship? Players are free to develop their own skills & abilities set, configure their own weapons, unlock variants for each mech class and customize the loadout while exploring different starts and sectors occupied by pirates, scavengers and rogue factions.

In the future, Phantom Galaxies will be deployed on multiple chains and each of them will have its own home galaxy. Players from different chains will be able to interact through the Phantom Galaxies Universe

4. Benji Bananas

CARV’s Take

Obey the law of physics and swing in the jungle. A mobile-based parkour game with more than 50 million downloads and 70,000 daily active users shows its mass popularity. If you hold a Benji pass, you will be able to earn in-game tokens and swap them for $APE and others in the Animoca ecosystem.

Launched in 2013 and available on both IOS and Android, Benji Bananas is natively a free-to-play mobile game, in which Benji the Monkey and his friends leap among vines in the jungle. After 7 months of a secret team-up between Animoca Brands and Bored Ape Yacht Club, and to celebrate the TGE of $APE on March 17th, 2022, the $PRIMATE token has been fused into Benji Bananas core system. Web 3 gamers, or noobs entering from Web 2, will be able to earn the $PRIMATE playing the game as long as they hold a Benji pass. This in-game token can be swapped for $APE and other tokens in the Animoca ecosystem, including some of the games mentioned in this article.

Over the span of three months, two season reward campaigns have been held successfully, with 18 million $PRIMATE (out of 235 million allocated for play-to-earn) distributed each season. Animoca and Benji Bananas are carrying out their mission to onboard Web 2 gamers to Web 3 by utilizing their prominent presence in mobile gaming.

5. Crazy Defense Heroes

CARV’s Take

Another franchise Mobile games of Animoca with over 2 million downloads and thousands of loyal players. Gamers’ talent, strategy, and resources are tested in tournaments, the most popular gameplay mode for $TOWER token holders. A new PC game is on the way to join the Crazy Kings franchise

Tower defense games based on collectible cards of various rarities and power. Similar to Benji, franchise players are able to earn $TOWER by playing games and utilize the tokens to pay entry fees for a series of gameplay modes, including the most notable one, Tournaments. Players’ talents, strategy and resources are being heavily tested in this large-scale in-game special events. Winners from the tiered leaderboard will receive substantial tokens and NFTs as rewards.

A new pc based game is under development and will be joining the game franchise. It will allow users to use their NFTS from Crazy Kings and Crazy Defense Tower to enter and earn $TOWER, as well as participate in tournaments.

That concludes our take for the week. Follow and stay tuned for more Carv Game Discovery!

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