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Introducing PlayDapp’s Newest NFT Collection, Mikey NFTs

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Introducing PlayDapp’s Newest NFT Collection, Mikey NFTs


By PlayDapp

6 months ago
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Introducing PlayDapp’s Newest NFT Collection, Mikey NFTs

About PlayDapp Members+ Mikey NFT collection

PlayDapp launched its NFT membership collection – ‘PlayDapp Members+ Mikey NFT’ – of 10,000 NFTs and was sold out within 3 hours on September 6th. The collection featured DJ Mikey, a badass teenage red panda triumphing his way to superstar DJ status.

Who is Mikey?

Mikey is a badass Red Panda with a dream: to connect passionate outsiders from around the world and build a community that shares in success together. As Mikey grows in popularity, the holders receive increased benefits.

Staking your Mikey gives your access to PlayDapp exclusive properties and can help you earn $PLA, PlayDapp’s token available on all major trading nets. When Mikey reaches Superstar Status, they take you along for the ride.

Mikey’s Story:

Mikey is all about connecting people through the power of music.

As a rebellious teenage hipster, his career as an up-and-coming Underground Mikey has just started. He knows he’s got the starpower to take him and his friends to the top. As he drops more beats, he builds a bigger following and earns more spots as the Rising Star Mikey people line up to see.

But he’s got his eyes on the world stage. He’ll keep spinning his tracks ‘til he’s reached Superstar Mikey status, and has the whole planet grooving together.

Mikey NFT Benefits:

  1. When you’re in, you’re in. Certain Mikey NFT holders get their names on the Members Only list, getting access to exclusive PlayDapps content, community events, and information about upcoming drops.
  2. Mikey NFT holders get in the door before the crowds. With your name on the Members Only List, you get first dibs on PlayDapp Marketplace DROPS. Get the pick of the litter on PlayDapp's most exclusive items before they hit the shelves — it pays to be behind the scenes.
  3. Mikey NFTs get holder insider access to content across the PlayDapp network. Your Mikey NFT can produce tickets to PlayDapps games like Along with the Gods: Knights of the Dawn and Tournaments. Tickets get you a front-row seat to the show, and if you win, you win big time. Earn $PLA, our token trading on all the major nets.

More updates are coming!

PlayDapp always has exciting news coming around the corner. Stay tuned for updates about Membership benefits in the future.

What is $PLA?

$PLA is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and PlayDapp’s native utility token. $PLA is used to buy, sell, and trade game items and NFTs on the PlayDapp Marketplace. $PLA is accepted on all major exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, and more. $PLA can be sold for its equal value in fiat currency.

DJ Mikey Collection’s Second Minting Plan

PlayDapp plans to airdrop a total of 10,000 additional Mikeys to enrich the member’s ecosystem in line with the expansion of services and benefits (Including 2% of marketing volume). Mikey NFT holders can use their Mikeys on a new P2E game which will be launched this month! (December 2022)

Among the 10,000 additional Mikey NFTs, there will be 5 Rising Star Mikeys!  The remaining 9,995 Underground Mikeys will be provided randomly. Here is how users can get their Mikeys.

  • 9,800 Mikey Random Tracks NFTs will be airdropped through Coinmarketcap’s Free Airdrop campaign called ‘Diamond Reward Program.’
  • Users with a Mikey Random Track NFT can enter the PlayDapp Land established on the Members+ page.
  • Tracks can be exchanged(revealed) for Mikey at the ‘Exchange Booth’ in the PlayDapp Land.

Challenge your luck with the new minting experience of getting NFTs through the PlayDapp Land, visualized in 3D, plus a new grade of Members+ Rising Star Mikey collection will be given to only 5 wallets!

New & Additional Benefits of Existing Underground Mikey Stakers

Existing Underground Mikey Stakers will receive  ‘Bamboo Juice NFTs (aka. Potion NFT),’ which can upgrade their Underground Mikey to the next level, 'Rising Star,' depending on its probability. In addition, different grades of Bamboo Juice NFTs will be available with varying chances of successful upgrades soon.

All existing Underground Mikey NFT Stakers with Mikey number 1-10,000, who staked their NFTs by December 12th at 12:12 PM (UTC+0), are qualified for a ‘Bamboo Juice’ NFT. The ‘Bamboo Juice’ airdrop for the relevant wallets will be sent directly to the user’s wallet in December (dates will be announced on PlayDapp’s official Twitter, Discord & Medium Accounts).

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