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November Community & Development Updates

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Blog / Marketing

November Community & Development Updates


By Qtum_Foundation

4 months ago
6 mins read
November Community & Development Updates

In November, Qtum increased its presence in the CoinMarketCap community. Plus, further details on our working relationship with Moonland Meta as Qtum takes its first step into the metaverse. However, before we do all this, let’s start with our staking results.

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November 2022 Staking Results

  • Total staking addresses: 1,175
  • Delegated addresses: 280
  • QTUM in block rewards: 40,501
  • Unique super stakers: 23

Community Pulse

We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month.

Topic Contest

The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest.

#1 efritek#7125

“I liked guessing the password using the clues for the wallet containing the prize. In that sense, I would have liked a slightly larger game with a higher reward and player interaction. My thought: The QTUM foundation will set up a wallet into which they will put 10 QTUM and also set up a wallet into which players can voluntarily donate, for example, 0.1 QTUM. The QTUM foundation will create 10 puzzles that together will lead to the key to access the wallet with 10 QTUM.

These puzzles will be posted gradually, for example, once a day. The first player who finds the correct key to the 1st wallet will get 10 QTUM, and if this player is a voluntary contributor to the 2nd wallet, he/she will also get the whole pool (the QTUM foundation will check and send the reward). If the first player to solve the puzzle is a player who has not contributed to the pool, a draw will be made between those who have contributed, and one will win the pool prize. If the idea of a voluntary pool is different from the admin's liking, then only the part with 10i puzzles and one wallet can be done. The more players that participate and contribute simultaneously, the more exciting the game will be.”

#2 Blinders 35#9196

“Since there is no regulation in the crypto market, I think that it is very dependent on manipulation and external factors, so it is a risky investment instrument. For example, in the great luna crash, the collapse of the ftx stock market, many people were victims and could not get their money, so the trust in the stock markets was lost, and investors began to withdraw their money. He showed some exchanges how much money they had on their exchanges to show their transparency and reliability. But I think it takes more than that I think what needs to be done for people to gain trust and re-invest in the crypto markets.

Regulations need to be brought by the USA. If the regulation is brought, the confidence in the crypto market will increase in large companies, and more companies and investors will invest in the crypto market to invest, and the crypto bull season will begin. The biggest reason for recent events is the lack of regulation and loss of trust. The Qtum community has been very generous and helpful during these bad days in the crypto market. I feel fortunate to be part of this community. I will do my best to help and develop the community.”

#3 zef#7599

“Despite the sharp declines, investors still have plenty of cryptocurrencies. And investors continue to hold on to the crypto they still hold due to different expectations. Moreover, There are more than 20,000 crypto variants on the market. So most of your investments are scattered in cryptocurrencies. And also: various factors in life (wars, pandemics, food, and energy problem) are causing the crypto Winter to be prolonged. And so it goes on: winter seems to be getting longer. There will be another big drop and a few more small dips in the crypto market.

Apart from the effects of typical flow factors in this life in the crypto market, Until investors dispose of most of the cryptocurrencies they hold. It will last until many smaller cryptocurrencies disappear and investments in these areas are concentrated in stronger currencies. Probably: I expect to rise again in 2023 partially (with the end of winter, I hope, that winter in the crypto market will also end) in short: as in the classical economic process: start - collect - drop - re-collect - drop - lower more (create panic) - and collect at cheap price ... sell high ,,, loop.”

#4 space_traveler7#6157

“If I made a crypto-related film, it would be a film like a documentary, and I would tell about crypto money projects and how people can benefit from crypto money in the future, how it is developing so far, and my own experiences.

Before the invention of money in history, there was a barter system. They invented money, and after money, a cryptocurrency was invented that will really carry us to the future. What kind of convenience can our life provide? I think crypto will take 5-10 years to recover and become permanent. it is still a new technology for now, it will be when it becomes available in the real world and makes people's lives easier when people adopt crypto money. But this is a long process, big states have to accept and adopt crypto money, and big projects have to use crypto money. Regulations are needed to minimize crimes such as fraud, taking money, and ensuring trust.

Problems are resolved when people trust cryptocurrencies and start trading. The crypto bull will come in 2023 because the USA will regulate soon, and I see some steps are taken to gain trust on exchanges like binance. So the next bull season will come very strongly. If we take the right steps, the crypto market may be the future.”

#5 SinyorCrypto#4527

“Any bitcoin or stock trading is risky. Opening a trade or buying coins with the advice of people can be one of the biggest mistakes in the world. Always set your own research, risk analysis, and target in the market. There are many crypto phenomena, some shilling their products and some stealing good money. The best crypto phenomenon I've been following lately is Cz. Owner of a large and global stock market and investor in many projects. El Salvador buys bitcoin but it's a different indicator micro strategy. Whenever Micro Strategy reports that I have bought bitcoins, bitcoin drops. Instead of crypto events, you can see wallet movements, market volatility, etc., follow.

Feel free to buy or sell goods in case of instant pumping or dumping. Unfortunately, this market teaches terrible lessons in instant trading.


Qtum or Moonland has the best rewards program I've ever known. I suggest creating an agenda on Twitter one day and making a tag event to make a sound. Another piece of advice is a crypto adventure. I want to listen to people's memories to hear their stories of how they got into crypto and their crypto adventures. Another activity is to score the daily crew. The first 10-20-30 ....100 people, writing on Twitter, posting pictures, etc. Can be rewarded in 1 week by completing daily points with tasks. It's like sending a daily message on Discord.”

Content Contest

Here are the top 5 memes from our content contest:

1. selim1453#0287

2. addan90 ⓠ#7951

3. erlikwindsteel#2839

4. atlash88#8941

5. offline#2116

November Developer Updates

Qtum Electrum wallet users, please download and install the latest version 4.0.18, for all the Electrum features, plus bug fixes.

Qtum in Lisbon

Qtum attended the Staking Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. During the event, we bumped into Graeme Jones. Jones is a legend in blockchain policy and was the first to make a bitcoin payment via the UN global aid flow database.

CMC Activities

Over the past couple of months, Qtum has been very active with its CoinMarketCap (CMC) community. Here are some of the articles we posted in CMC this month:

Football Fever 2022

Of course, the Fifa World Cup is going on right now. We know that a lot of our community members are as excited by the world cup as we are. So, to make things even more exciting, we have lent our support to Binance and their Football Fever 2022 event.

Get a chance to win over  $1 million dollars in token rewards.

Moonland AMA

On November 19, at 3:30 pm UTC, Qtum attended the Moonland AMA, hosted in the latter’s Discord. During the AMA, prizes worth $3500 of QTUM were distributed.

Qtum Interviews

Qtum team members did some interesting interviews this month.

Senior Researcher John Beyler did an interview with Coin Exams.

Meanwhile, Miguel Palencia, COO and Co-Founder at Qtum, did the Crypto OGs podcast.

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