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Magpie’s Governance Forum


Magpie’s Governance Forum

Magpie XYZ

By Magpie XYZ

6 months ago
3 mins read
Magpie’s Governance Forum
Welcome to a new stage in Magpie’s development, this time we present you the official platform to discuss topics related to Magpie moving forward. Now users can interact with each other, share knowledge, ideas, opinions, doubts, concerns and talk about general interest topics related to Magpie.

It is a very important step as users will have the opportunity to actively participate in different topics. We seek to provide investors a platform where they can be part of Magpie’s development in the long term.

Magpie Governance Forum is where the general public, community members and developers can freely discuss and contribute to its development going forward. The forum has a variety of channels and each one focuses on something different. Please use the appropriate one to create your topics. We understand that all members may have different opinions and do not have to think the same way, however, it is not allowed under any circumstances to disrespect other users. Let’s be respectful and maintain a harmonious conversation for the well-being of the community.


  • Welcome / Rules: Welcome to Magpie’s governance forum, be kind and respect everyone else, this is a place to build Magpie together.
  • General: Users can create general topics that do not fit into any other category.
  • Site Feedback: Send your suggestions here.
  • Magpie Proposals: The Proposals category is a parent category for all proposals. Users can support or vote against different suggestions moving forward.
  • Community Ideas: Let your imagination fly! Share your ideas with the community, it’s important to think about new ways to innovate as we continue building. This is the place for all users to share what they think can be helpful for Magpie.
  • Common Knowledge Base: Share your knowledge with the community. Create Magpie related topics that can be helpful for other users. Provide: Data, written content, guides, tools, images, videos, etc.
  • Ecosystem Development: Find information about Magpie’s ecosystem growth and integrations. Talk about community, partnerships and opportunities.
  • Development & Technical Discussion: Connect with other builders and share information about design and development. Users that want to dive into technical details can enter the technical discussion
Enter Magpie Governance Forum here:

This is one more step in our journey. We understand the importance of sharing benefits and offering opportunities for users all over the world. You are all invited to be a part of our amazing community, thank you for your overwhelming support.

About Magpie XYZ: Magpie XYZ is a platform built on BNB Chain to boost yields for liquidity providers and governance token holders of veTokenomics protocols. Essentially the platform incentivizes governance token holders and liquidity providers to pool their assets together so that the platform can acquire governance tokens, convert them into veTokens, boost yield for liquidity providers, and in return share part of the protocol revenues derived from liquidity providers’ boosted profits back to governance token holders.


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