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November Wrap-Up


November Wrap-Up


By CelerNetwork

4 months ago
1 min read
November Wrap-Up

🦃November is over already!? With some new supported chains and tokens, as well as expanding on a few existing partnerships, we are heading towards the end of the year at full speed! We’ve now supported a total of 39 chains, 142 tokens, 19 wallets and integrated with 48 Defi protocols!

🌈Check out what we've accomplished in the #Celer ecosystem this month:

  • Added or expanded cBridge support for several chains this month: zkSync 2.0 testnet, Sei testnet, FNCY, and we expanded our support for Swimmer Network to include USDC from the Avalanche c-chain
  • cBridge's new support for cross-chain tokens for the month of November: cBridge has successfully implemented support for Sports2k75 (S2K), LEAP (LEAP), and Nym (NYM)
  • cBridge’s new wallet support: Fewcha
  • cBridge Integration Partnerships: cBridge has successfully integrated support for BrightSide Finance, Hadron Finance, and Saddle Finance. PancakeSwap has also expanded support to include Celer-bridged tokens in their Aptos pools!
  • Celer IM Integration Partnerships: Several projects are integrating with Celer IM—Astar Network, Arbitrum Nova, and dForce Trade.

🚀Other Cool Happenings:

🏆We made the list of the top 18 dApps on BNB Chain!

💻 #Celer cBridge was included the MetaMask Bridges Beta!


$11.5B in total tx volume for cBridge!

1M Total Tx on cBridge!


@optimismFND - Fee Rebate Event

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