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NEAR Foundation announces partnership with Few and Far to grow the NEAR NFT ecosystem

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NEAR Foundation announces partnership with Few and Far to grow the NEAR NFT ecosystem


By FewAndFar

7 months ago
2 mins read
NEAR Foundation announces partnership with Few and Far to grow the NEAR NFT ecosystem
Few and Far, the next-generation NFT marketplace built on NEAR Protocol, has been awarded a grant by the NEAR Foundation and a partnership to significantly increase the advancement of NFTs across the ecosystem. The announcement comes on the heels of the highly anticipated NEARCON event in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 11–14th.

In the upcoming months, Few and Far will support the growth and development of NFT projects within NEAR, and work closely with the team to provide world-class launchpad capabilities to support the onboarding of top brands and major IPs from Web2 into Web3.

The team will also collaborate with the NFT Vision Group, a dedicated team focused on NFT growth within NEAR, to spearhead efforts in NFT smart contract standardization, liquidity and blockchain indexing solutions. The partnership focuses on a joint go-to-market strategy to bring new communities and businesses into the NEAR ecosystem by launching on Few and Far.

“We are thrilled to support Few and Far’s mission to provide seamless NFT minting solutions and an easy-to-use marketplace for the NEAR ecosystem and beyond,” says Robbie Lim, GM, Partners & International at NEAR. “The NEAR Foundation embraces the digital asset revolution and the importance of laying the foundations for web3 gaming, the metaverse economy, and much more.”

Minting digital assets and crypto collectibles on NEAR brings significant added value to end-users who are looking to create, buy, sell and auction NFTs. NEAR Protocol fees are usually 38 hundred percent lower than Ethereum’s. For example, the cost of transferring an ERC-20 token is below $0.01, while for Ethereum (at 50 Gwei and an ETH price of $3,000), it’s around $5.40. NEAR is also able to handle up to 100,000 transactions per second, compared to Ethereum’s blockchain which currently processes only 13.

“Building a next-generation NFT marketplace will enable more users and creators to participate in Web3 by taking advantage of a premiere user experience, low fees and fast transactions. NEAR’s easy-to-use web wallets, which require no downloads or plug-ins, and the Aurora Bridge, will enable users from Ethereum to easily convert their assets into NEAR.” said Chris Gale, Co-Founder of Few and Far. “Soon, access to NEAR NFTs will be just clicks away on our marketplace, and the integration of fiat on and off ramps within our app will enable people to purchase NFTs with just a credit card.”NEAR and Few and Far agree that NFTs will be the future of digital asset ownership and a critical path to onboarding the next 1 billion users into Web3. In the coming months, Few and Far will expand its NFT marketplace to facilitate the growth of the NEAR blockchain through the partnership.

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