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Pontem Network and Aptos Launcher Announce Partnership

Table of Contents


Pontem Network and Aptos Launcher Announce Partnership


By ItsBitcoinWorld

7 months ago
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Pontem Network and Aptos Launcher Announce Partnership

Table of Contents

The first production-ready wallet for the Aptos ecosystem was made by Pontem Network, and the decentralized launcher Aptos Launcher has announced cooperation with them. Users of the Pontem Wallet will be able to explore the projects on the Aptos Launcher launchpad thanks to the cooperation, allowing them the chance to take part directly in token sales and sign up for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) from within the wallet.

Users on the Aptos Network will have a simple, seamless experience participating in private sales and IDOs. More than 30,000 users of Pontem will see Aptos Launcher and the projects listed in the launchpad thanks to the direct integration with Pontem Wallet.

Powering Aptos Projects

The Aptos Launcher has a structure in place to help it become the biggest decentralized launchpad in the Aptos ecosystem. Due to the way the project is structured, there will be a tax model (7%) at first. The money earned from this will be used to promote the project, facilitate token burns and buybacks, and launch a brand-new, ground-breaking product called “Degen VC.”

The tax revenue will be used to fund Degen VC’s operations, with the money going toward early-stage project investments. Lack of finance is one of the challenges that many Web3 initiatives still have, and Degen VC will aim to make fundraising simpler for companies within the Aptos ecosystem. All Aptos Launcher investors and holders will receive a portion of the proceeds, which will be used to fund developments and other early-stage projects.

The Aptos Launcher’s tax scheme is also a temporary feature. The token has a deflationary model, which starts out as a tax model. The tax % on the token, however, may be altered or deleted entirely based on the community and the results of a DAO vote. Furthermore, the team and advisors only receive 4% of the overall token supply, with the bulk going toward expanding the ecosystem.

Additionally, it is a rare chance for investors to purchase a token at launch with a small market valuation. It is one of the lowest initial fully diluted valuations (FDV) offered by a project of this caliber. Additionally, Aptos Launcher provides a special first-mover advantage on a blockchain that is extremely well-liked by both big and small investors.

The mainnet deployment of Aptos Launcher is anticipated for Q4 2022. Applications are now being accepted for projects that will debut on the launchpad after the mainnet goes live.


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