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Trust Wallet & CoinMarketCap Bring Decentralized Logins to More People Than Ever

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Trust Wallet & CoinMarketCap Bring Decentralized Logins to More People Than Ever

Trust Wallet

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3 months ago
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Trust Wallet & CoinMarketCap Bring Decentralized Logins to More People Than Ever

Trust Wallet and CoinMarketCap are creating a more decentralized ecosystem

Trust Wallet, trusted by over 60 million people, and CoinMarketCap (CMC), the premier price-tracking website for crypto assets, have joined forces to bring decentralized authentication and Web3 to an even bigger audience.

The Trust Wallet integration into CMC allows you to:

  • Create a user account on using just your wallet (no need for an email address!)
  • Safely and seamlessly import contract addresses into your Trust Wallet using the CMC website
When you create an account on CMC, you can save a watchlist of your favourite coins, track your crypto portfolio, share your thoughts and opinions about crypto prices, and much more. Then, anytime and anywhere you log into your CMC account with Trust Wallet, you’ll have your saved watchlist, portfolio transactions, and account history – all without having to use an email address.

David Salamon, Director of Product & Design at CoinMarketCap, explains – “It’s great to come together with Trust Wallet to advance Web3. At CMC our goal is to provide our users with as much useful data, content, and utility as we can in the world of crypto. Trust Wallet is a great self-custody wallet with broad chain coverage, and it’s already trusted by millions of people. This integration was done to help these users, allowing them to quickly log into CMC with their Trust Wallet and also import contract addresses with one click."

What is decentralized authentication and why is it important?

Logging into the CMC website using a Web3 wallet is a form of decentralized authentication – eliminating the need for an email login, and giving people more control over their information. CMC's integration of Trust Wallet as a decentralized login method aligns with Trust Wallet’s mission to build a seamless web3 gateway and open crypto ecosystem – enabling more people to access Web3 safely, and easily.

Crypto decentralized logins, also known as decentralized authentication, offer a more accessible alternative to traditional email-based logins. With traditional email logins, people need to place their trust in centralized entities. But decentralized logins give people full control over their data and personal information, allowing them to decide who has access to it and how it is used.

Additionally, decentralized logins also provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Rather than having to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different websites, users can use their decentralized login credentials to access multiple sites and services securely.

This not only makes it easier for users to access the websites they need, but it also reduces the risk of password reuse, a common vulnerability that can lead to hacking and data breaches.

How to sign into CoinMarketCap using your Trust Wallet

Create your CoinMarketCap user account with your Trust Wallet, or log in, using the steps below.

Anytime and anywhere you log into your CMC account with Trust Wallet, you’ll have your saved watchlist, portfolio transactions, and account history.

Step 1: Make sure you have the Trust Wallet Browser Extension installed. Go to to get the latest version.

You’ll need an active wallet to create an account on CMC or to log in. You can either create a new wallet or import one.

Use this guide if you need help importing or setting up a new wallet.
Step 2: On – click the “Sign up” button to create a new account or the “Log In” button if you already have an account.
Step 3: Click the “Continue with Wallet” button.
Step 4: Click on “TrustWallet” in the Connect Wallet dialogue.

Then click the “Connect” button on the permissions prompt.

Step 5: Complete the security verification if required.
Then click “Confirm” on the Signature request prompt.

And that’s it!

Once logged into CoinMarketCap with your Trust Wallet, you’ll see a dApp connection icon in the Trust Wallet Browser extension.

You’ll also notice a user profile icon on the CoinMarketCap website. You can click the user profile icon to view and edit your account information.

Import contract addresses into Trust Wallet with one click

Trust Wallet’s integration into CMC also includes another feature that makes Web3 easier to use. And that’s the ability to import contracts with one click.

Adding contract addresses to your wallet lets you view coin and token balances for a specific asset. So let’s say you had 100 TWT in your wallet, but the token amount and balance were not showing. With this integration, you can import the contract address details to ensure you see the balance of the assets you want.

One of the problems with adding contract address crypto assets – especially custom tokens – is you need to copy and paste information, which could lead to errors. But this feature eliminates the need to manually add contract addresses – as you can now do them with just one click.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Go to, find the token you want to add and click on it. In this example, we’ll use Binance USD (BUSD).
Remember, CMC has thousands of listed crypto assets, so you can use the search function to search for any coin or token you want to add to your wallet.
Step 2: Click on the Trust Wallet Logo in the Contracts information field.

Note: on some tokens, you may need to click on the “More” dropdown to see if Trust Wallet is listed.

Step 3: Click “Add token”.
Step 4: Once added, you’ll see this added asset in your balance. In this example, you’ll see BUSD added below.


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