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More details about Renting!


More details about Renting!


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4 months ago
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More details about Renting!

We hope this read is something perfect for you mid-week! Let’s not wait any further and get into it

As usual, if you want to rent NFT, you will have to pay a rental fee and collateral.

After we successfully rent an NFT, there are tools that help us so we don’t forget to return the NFT we borrowed. The first tool is the countdown timer in NFT which we borrowed from the WeRent platform and the second tool is the email warning regarding the NFT being loaned will expire. Regarding email alerts, users must verify emails to get notifications.

So, don’t forget to verify your email!

Then, what happens if we forget to return the borrowed NFT? Collateral that we guarantee will be forwarded to the Lender, but the NFT that we borrow will automatically be sent by escrow to the Wallet without making a claim. Don’t be late to return the borrowed NFT unless you really want to have the NFT permanently.

That’s a wrap about the added information we have about ‘Renting.’ Stay tuned at WeRent because we have more information and discussions for you all very soon! We hope this information benefits you and is a perfect mid-week read!

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