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💥Three DAYS Tax-Free 💥

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💥Three DAYS Tax-Free 💥



4 months ago
1 min read
💥Three DAYS Tax-Free 💥

💥Three DAYS Tax-Free 💥

The $CADINU DAO has exciting news!

✅Purchase CADINU Tokens without having to pay Tax on PancakeSwap!🚀

✅Also, CADINU holders can withdraw their tokens from CoinsBit, Dext-Trade

and DigiFinex without paying Tax!

⏳ The event will start at 18UTC on 2/8/2023 and ends 72 hours later.

⚠️ Notes: A. CADINU Token has a 10 % Tax-fee, but it's zero for three days

in the event period for those mentioned transactions.

B. You will still have to pay these fees if you sell CADINU tokens during this period.

Also, you might still incur costs related to slippage.

(approximately 11%-12% depending on the exchange, time, volume, etc.).


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