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Shibonk To Launch on Bsc, Eth & Matic

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Shibonk To Launch on Bsc, Eth & Matic


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4 months ago
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Shibonk To Launch on Bsc, Eth & Matic

On the 07/02 9PM UTC, Shibonk Coin will deploy its official Bridge to 3 different Blockchains Including BNB, ETH & Polygon Chain.

Shibonk will also have Liquidity added to 3 new Decentralized Exchanges across the 3 different Networks:

- Pancakeswap (BSC Network)- Uniswap (Ethereum Network)- Quickswap (Polygon Network)

Introduction:The Shibonk bridge allows for users across Multiple blockchains to purchase the $SBONK token in a decentralized manner, and also hold their Shibonk tokens on whichever blockchain they like. We believe moving forward, that the deployment of Shibonk onto Multiple blockchains is the best way to fast track adoption & growth for the Shibonk community to reach its full potential. Limiting the $SBONK token to the Solana Blockchain limits the Shibonk Community and token to a small amount of Volume/TVL & Active Wallet addresses. Having the $SBONK token deployed on EVM compatable blockchains also allows for the team and core community contributors to scale the $SBONK token via implementing it into Multiple deployed EVM ecosystems.


How will the $SBONK Price be effected?

- The Price will launch at the Same Price Solana is at on all other added Chains- Each Chain will be Market made to balance the Price between Chains via Arbitrage trading.- If the Price goes up 10% on Ethereum Chain > Market Makers will buy $SBOONK tokens on other chains at a discount and Bridge tokens to Eth and thus, balance the Price.

Will the $SBONK Supply increase?

No, the Supply won’t increase, the supply will remain exactly the same across all Chains. We are utilizing whats called a Mint and Burn bridge which will mint and Burn tokens on the respective chains based on peoples Bridging actions.

How a Mint and Burn Bridge Functions:All Bridged $SBONK token Contracts start off as 0 Supply, however if a user bridges 100 $SBONK tokens to for example the Ethereum Network from the Main point of control network (Solana), then 100 $SBONK tokens will be locked up in a smart contract on Solana, then minted on the Ethereum Network to the users chosen EVM Wallet address.If the user would ever want to return the 100 tokens they bridged to Ethereum, the Smart contract would then Burn the tokens on the Ethereum Network, and unlock the tokens on the Solana Network for the user to Claim.This method Guarantees that the Circulating/Max Supply will never change, and will always be relative to the Point of Control blockchain Smart contracts Supply which we may note is a fixed Total Supply of 420,000 $SBONK and cannot increase.

When and where can I bridge my tokens?

The Shibonk team will release an official announcement with a Link to the Bridge for users to utilize once the Price stabalizes between Chains after initial Launch.

Does it matter which Blockchain I buy/hold my $SBONK on?

No, all chains tokens hold the same respective value, and it is entirely upto the user for where they would prefer to trade/store their assets. We are merely providing a Gateway for users to have a choice of where they store/trade their $SBONK.

Will Shibonk Deploy on More blockchains?

Yes, $SBONK will be deployed on More EVM blockchains in the near future, in the mean time we decided to start with the 3 most Popular chains based on Market cap, TVL and Volume figures.

Whats next?

The team believes that having Shibonk Available for purchase across as many blockchains & Decentralized exchanges is key before announcing any CEX partnerships as it is clear that not many users actually trade SPL tokens on the Solana network. We have worked promptly to deploy $SBONK across multiple chains to give as many users as possible access to the $SBONK eco-system for when it comes time to announce our CEX partnerships. The Shibonk Team will also be working with Multiple Projects based on Various blockchains to integrate the $SBONK token into current ecosystems and formulate partnerships to join communities and push for further adoption. The Shibonk team plans for the $SBONK token to be one of the most wide spread and accessible Decentralized Meme coins avalaiable to the Market, all whilst expanding our Communties reach at the same time.

For more information on Shibonk, please visit out Linktree and have a read of our other Medium articles to gain some insight on Shibonk & why you should join the ever growing and thriving community.

Kind Regards, Kyle Sperling.


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