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Compound Price Prediction: Will COMP Token Make a Bullish Reversal?

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Compound Price Prediction: Will COMP Token Make a Bullish Reversal?


By BlockchainReporter

2 months ago
12 mins read
Compound Price Prediction: Will COMP Token Make a Bullish Reversal?
The conventional method of saving money involves depositing it into a savings account and earning interest. However, the downside is that customers are restricted from utilizing the interest-earning funds deposited in the bank. A solution to this limitation is being explored by decentralized finance (DeFi), which aims to allow users to spend their savings earnings while still saving. The compound is among the companies striving to provide this service within the DeFi industry. The compound is a self-governing, algorithmic interest rate platform designed for developers to access an array of open financial applications. Cryptocurrencies, such as Compound, have gradually become more widely recognized and gained popularity. At first glance, Compound appears similar to other decentralized lending protocols since it utilizes cryptocurrency assets as collateral to borrow more cryptocurrency assets. What sets Compound apart, however, is its employment of cTokens to tokenize the assets locked within its system. Though the COMP token has witnessed extremely volatile trading sessions due to several macro conditions, investors are still interested in buying the token for the long term due to its robust potential. Therefore, our Compound price prediction aims to provide insights into its potential future value by utilizing the advanced technical analysis to help you make informed investment decisions amidst the market’s volatility.

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Compound: A Quick Introduction

What sets Compound apart from its competitors, such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others, is that its decision-making process is integrated into the blockchain. With its open lending platform, Compound enables users to earn interest on their balance of Ethereum tokens and obtain a secured loan. Furthermore, the community governance of the Compound distinguishes it from other protocols.
Compound is not only working to reshape legislation and compliance with innovative commercial standards but also recognizes that the full potential of blockchain technology can only be realized with a solid fundamental framework in place. Additionally, Compound’s interoperability ensures that companies’ blockchains remain up-to-date, providing them with global expansion, a broad user network, and continuous advancements and upgrades in decentralized applications (dApps).

In 2017, there was a gap in the market for cryptocurrency loans, which prompted entrepreneurs Geoffrey Hayes and Robert Leshner to collaborate and create Compound. The platform, launched in 2018, enables cryptocurrency borrowing and lending. At the time of the launch, Leshner stated that there were limited options available for individuals to safeguard their assets from hacks and losses, except for moving them from exchanges to personal control and waiting until they were ready to sell.

Before moving further, let’s take a look at COMP’s current market details to clarify our Compound price prediction better.

COMP: Features And Roadmap

Compound tokens, also known as cTokens, are ERC-20 tokens that represent a user’s deposited funds in Compound. When a user deposits ETH or another ERC-20 token like USDC into the protocol, they receive an equivalent amount of cTokens. For instance, depositing USDC generates cUSD tokens that automatically accrue interest. At any point, users can exchange their cUSDC for standard USDC along with the earned interest paid in USDC.

Compound’s protocol is intended for use by decentralized application (dApp) developers who seek to provide their users with the option to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. Essentially, Compound operates as a “money market” for digital assets.

The primary token associated with the Compound protocol is COMP, which is utilized to cover fees associated with lending and borrowing activities conducted on the platform. Additionally, COMP tokens are employed to govern the decision-making process regarding the direction of the Compound protocol.

Robert Leshner and Geoffrey Hayes released the whitepaper for “Compound: The Money Market Protocol” in February 2019. It states, “The market for cryptocurrencies and digital blockchain assets has developed into a vibrant ecosystem of investors, speculators, and traders, exchanging thousands of blockchain assets. Unfortunately, the sophistication of financial markets hasn’t followed: participants have little capability of trading the time value of assets.”

Compound possesses several strengths that could assist it in retaining a prominent position within the cryptocurrency sector.

Initially, the protocol is very robust and offers users significant flexibility in terms of how they can earn yield. Secondly, Compound is highly competitive in the domain of decentralized liquidity yield farming. Lastly, the team behind Compound is highly skilled and has a proven history within the cryptocurrency industry.

The conversion of a user’s locked assets into ERC-20 tokens enables them to be freely traded, moved, and utilized in other decentralized applications (dapps). The utilization of cTokens represents a critical aspect of the DeFi movement – the capacity to merge various protocols as separate building blocks, often referred to as “money legos.”

Compound Price Prediction: Price History

To make informed predictions about COMP’s future price trends, investors should first understand its past performance. However, it is important to recognize that relying solely on price history is insufficient for predicting Compound’s future price movements.

The initial launch price of COMP was $78.58, and shortly after its launch on 22 June 2020, the DeFi token gained popularity, reaching $336.22. However, the price slowly declined, hovering between $100 and $150 for most of the year, with a brief surge in August and September when it peaked at $256.35. In November 2020, it hit a low of $87.36, but a slight recovery saw it pass $100 later that month.

In 2021, the price of COMP experienced ups and downs until late April, when it stood at $475.97. It then rallied, hitting an all-time high of $911.2 on 12 May 2021, a surge of over 79.5% in just 22 days.

In late May 2021, COMP experienced a sharp decline due to the crypto crash, dropping to $344.54 and losing almost 60% of its value in just 12 days. Although the coin saw a partial recovery on September 6th, with its price reaching $508.91, this rebound was short-lived.

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2021, macro headwinds threatened the already volatile crypto market with a potential “crypto winter.” In October, a hacker exposed a critical vulnerability in the protocol due to a fault in the code, causing COMP’s price to plummet. The decline persisted, and by March 7th, 2022, the token hit a new low of $98.38, the lowest it had been in 16 months.

As a result of a market-wide crypto crash in May and June 2022, the value of COMP plummeted even further. The crypto market dipped below $1 trillion, with even Bitcoin falling below the $20,000 mark for the first time since December 2020. Unfortunately, the Compound was not immune to the market downturn and experienced a sharp drop in value.

The token hit an all-time low of $26.52 on June 18, which was further worsened by the long-running bear market and market-wide crash. However, there was some relief in the following weeks, and the token managed to close the month of June at $46.98 and July at $57.26.

Due to the demise of the crypto exchange FTX, the COMP token reached a bottom level of $30; however, it gradually increased from the price level and gained the $40 mark in early 2023.

Compound Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Despite Compound’s recent strong performance, the prevailing bearish trend in the cryptocurrency market could pose significant challenges for the coin. Additionally, concerns have arisen across the market following the collapse of crypto bank SVB and the loss of the dollar peg by USDC, resulting in major investors offloading their holdings and a pessimistic outlook for COMP’s price. Furthermore, the uncertain regulatory scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) towards the cryptocurrency industry could trigger a market crash at any time. To navigate the current market conditions and provide investors with a comprehensive analysis of the risks and opportunities associated with investing in Compound, our COMP price forecast employs advanced technical indicators.

CoinMarketCap reports that the current price of the COMP token is trading at $42.47, showing an uptrend of nearly 1.5% from yesterday’s price. Our technical analysis of COMP suggests that this cryptocurrency could soon display bullish signals, surging to new highs as it may experience a significant recovery rally after being influenced by the overall bullish trend led by Bitcoin following the release of CPI data. Looking at the daily price chart, Compound is struggling to trade above its EMA-20 trend line at $44.4, facing sharp rejections near its immediate resistance level of $44. However, after forming a low near $35, the COMP token has taken support and is making an effort to surge above the 23.6% Fib level. The EMA-50 trend line has dropped significantly from its previous resistance level of $51, hinting that COMP tokens are trading within a consolidation level controlled by bears. COMP is currently in an extreme fear zone due to the SEC’s crackdown on crypto, creating a FUD situation for investors. The Balance of Power (BoP) indicator is trading in a highly bullish region of 1.00, suggesting that the bullish momentum may extend if the COMP token breaks above its bearish triangle pattern.

The popular RSI-14 indicator is trading on the verge of its buying region at the level of 44, which shows that the bottom has already been formed, and the COMP token may spark fresh surges in the next few days. Moreover, the MACD line has stabilized near the signal line as it forms a bullish divergence pattern with the buying pressure. However, the SMA-14 does not promise a bullish trend as it becomes range-bound above the midline, which may trigger a short-term bearish retracement for COMP. If the Compound coin breaks above its resistance of $46, it may pave its upward road to its EMA-200 resistance at $52, and if it manages to break its strong resistance of Bollinger Band’s upper limit of $59, it may attempt to go higher. Conversely, if COMP drops below the crucial support level of $35, a further bearish rally is expected, which may cause it to accelerate a sharp collapse and trade near its Bollinger band’s lower limit of $30. If Compound’s price fails to hold above $24, it may gear up for a more bearish bloodbath and trade near $21.

Compound Price Prediction By BlockchainReporter

Compound Price Prediction 2023

BlockchainReporter’s current Compound price prediction for the upcoming years is optimistic. In 2023, we anticipate a bullish trend for COMP with a maximum price of $68.41, a minimum value of $58.61, and an average market price of $60.37. The frequent updates and new developments of Compound could influence the price levels of the cryptocurrency.

Compound Price Prediction 2024

Our Compound price prediction for 2024 suggests that COMP is predicted to reach a maximum price of $99.72, with an average forecast price of $85.20 and the lowest possible price set at $82.78. The token’s adoption and the market price could increase if Compound establishes new partnerships with other major blockchain networks, making it easily accessible to investors.

Compound Price Prediction 2025

By the end of 2025, the maximum Compound cost price is anticipated to be $141.50, with a minimum price of $119.52 and an average price of $123.78. With a higher adoption of blockchain-based applications in the future, COMP could see an enormous increase in price.

Compound Price Prediction 2026

For 2026, COMP is expected to have a sustained bull market, leading to a maximum price of $210.97 and a minimum value of $171.90, with an average market price of $178.09.

Compound Price Prediction 2027

According to the Compound token price forecast for 2027, investors could record huge profits, as the cryptocurrency could reach a peak price of $308.44, with an average price of $269.00 and a minimum possible level of $260.09. Compound’s reduced fees, transparency, security, and faster transactions could contribute to a surge in price.

Compound Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, COMP could trade between a minimum price value of $369.90 and a maximum price value of $449.53, with an expected average value of $383.35. Being one of the best-performing digital coins in the crypto market, there would be a huge demand for the token in the future, leading to a massive increase in price.

Compound Price Prediction 2029

For 2029, COMP is expected to trade at a maximum value of $646.60, maintaining an average trading value of $546.30 and a minimum value of $527.14 throughout the year.

Compound Price Prediction 2030

Our Compound price forecast for 2030 expects COMP to attain a maximum level of $932.89, with a minimum level of $797.92 and an average trading price of $825.23.

Compound Price Prediction 2031

The Compound price forecast for 2031 indicates an overall bullish trend leading to a peak price of $1,445.44, with an average price of $1,222.60 and a minimum price of $1,181.34. The digital coin’s potential could attract many users, influencing these high prices.

Compound Price Prediction 2032

Finally, for 2032, Compound is expected to have a fully bullish year with loads of upside fluctuations, leading to a maximum price of $1,998.18, an average trading price of $1,725.24, and a minimum price of $1,664.11.

Compound Price Prediction By Industry Experts

According to Digital Coin Price’s Compound price forecast, it is anticipated that the COMP price will surpass the $93.62 mark in 2024, with Compound projected to attain a minimum fee of $91.33 by year-end. Furthermore, the price of COMP has the potential to reach a maximum level of $100.51.

In 2032, the anticipated scenario is for the price of COMP to exceed the $807.97 threshold, with Compound forecasted to attain a minimum fee of $796.29 by the end of the year. Additionally, there is potential for the COMP price to reach a maximum level of $825.74.’s Compound price prediction expects that Compound will commence in April 2023 at a value of $37.377 and conclude the month at $49.575. Within the same period, the highest projected price for COMP is $52.612, while the lowest is $35.776.

Is Compound A Good Investment? When Should You Buy?

Compound (COMP) is a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to lend and borrow various cryptocurrencies while earning interest on their holdings. The platform has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its unique approach to lending and borrowing, making it an attractive investment opportunity for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The platform is designed to be highly efficient, with an algorithm that adjusts interest rates based on supply and demand, ensuring that users always get the best possible rates. This, combined with its intuitive interface, has made Compound an attractive investment opportunity for both novice and experienced investors. Our Compound price analysis suggests investors invest in this token at $35 for a stable profit in the long term.


The ultimate aim of Compound and the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector at large is to provide individuals with greater access and autonomy over their earnings and savings. Although Compound has received some criticisms, its long-term vision has always been to achieve full decentralization. While the current management of the protocol is overseen by the Compound team, they plan to eventually transfer all decision-making authority to a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governed by the Compound community.

Judging from the current market trends, sentiment, and multiple price predictions for Compound, it seems that the cryptocurrency has a promising future. The coin has demonstrated a consistent upward trajectory and is expected to continue its ascent in value in the upcoming years. The team responsible for the Compound network has been diligent in enhancing the platform and broadening its applications, potentially propelling the coin’s worth even further.

The success of COMP is currently being challenged by the emergence of new DeFi protocols at a rapid pace. Given that cryptocurrency enthusiasts are constantly seeking opportunities for potential returns, it’s possible for a more contemporary platform to rapidly capture market share from Compound, which could make it challenging for COMP to maintain its competitiveness.


What is Compound (COMP)?

Compound is a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that allows users to lend and borrow various cryptocurrencies while earning interest on their holdings. It uses a unique algorithm to adjust interest rates based on supply and demand, ensuring users get the best possible rates. Compound also employs cTokens to tokenize assets locked within its system.

Who created Compound?

Compound was founded by entrepreneurs Geoffrey Hayes and Robert Leshner in 2017. It was developed as a solution for cryptocurrency lending and borrowing, which was an underserved market at the time.

What are cTokens?

cTokens are ERC20 tokens that represent a user’s deposited funds in the Compound platform. When a user deposits ETH or another ERC-20 token like USDC into the protocol, they receive an equivalent amount of cTokens. These tokens automatically accrue interest, and users can exchange them for the standard version of the cryptocurrency, along with any earned interest.

What is the role of COMP token in the Compound platform?

COMP is the primary token associated with the Compound protocol. It is utilized to cover fees related to lending and borrowing activities on the platform and governs the decision-making process regarding the direction of the Compound protocol.

When should you buy Compound?

Our Compound price analysis suggests investors invest in this token at $35 for a stable profit in the long term. However, investment decisions should be based on individual research and risk tolerance.


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