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Trader Joe is now live on BNB Chain

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Trader Joe is now live on BNB Chain

Trader Joe

By Trader Joe

6 months ago
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Trader Joe is now live on BNB Chain

BNB Chain: LIVE 🔶

Trader Joe is officially live on BNB Chain, bringing the innovative and highly efficient concentrated liquidity automated market maker (AMM) ‘Liquidity Book’ to the BNB Ecosystem. Trader Joe makes DeFi easy and now users can now enjoy the simple user-friendly and trusted platform, by providing liquidity and trading across popular token pairs.

Introducing: Liquidity Book

Liquidity Book is the most efficient AMM in DeFi that enhances real yield generation for Liquidity Providers and reduces swap costs for Traders. Thanks to its innovative and ground-breaking approach to its liquidity architecture, Liquidity Book can help you to unleash the full potential of decentralised finance on one of the most popular and trusted exchanges in DeFi, Trader Joe.

To read more about the groundbreaking innovations from Liquidity Book and to understand why this AMM is both powerful and efficient check out the following article: Link

Customizable. Flexible. Versatile.

Providing Liquidity on Liquidity Book offers unparalleled levels of flexibility and customisation. Deploy any strategy and shape to meet your own goals. Monitor and manage your position. Adjust and adapt to meet any demands or needs. Maximise your yield generation. With Liquidity Book, the possibilities are endless.

Checkout the below linked guide to dive into some of the possible Liquidity Strategies that can be deployed on Liquidity Book:

🎙️ Join us in the Trader Joe Discord for a Strategy Discussion where the Core Team break down the fundamentals to help you get started: Link to event

Launch Day Markets

The graphic below outlines the Liquidity Book Markets that are live, with the designated Base Fees for swaps (minimum charged) and the Variable Fees (Maximum charged if incurring volatility when trading). Users can now provide Liquidity and swap across the below highlighted pairs. More markets will be opened in the very near future, expect Trader Joe to forge new partnerships, offer new experiences and usher in a strong omnichain DeFi offering for the BNB chain ecosystem.


Trader Joe V1 is also live (x*y=k AMM) and just like the V1 AMM on Avalanche and Arbitrum, this remains permission-less and open to any user or project that wishes to create a V1 Pool on the Trader Joe DEX.

What’s next?

Liquidity Book V2.1: Auto-Pools, Limit Orders, Permissionless Pools and sJOE

The next phase for Liquidity Book will democratize the ability to access active and extremely efficient liquidity provisioning. Auto-Pools will introduce automated liquidity management giving you the ability to ‘set and forget’ your liquidity by distributing and rebalancing your liquidity automatically. Yield Farms are out, Auto-Pools are in. Coming soon.

For more information on the V2.1 upgrade: Link

Join the Community Circle

The ethos of decentralised finance ultimately finds its roots and foundation from the community that actively engage and champion its cause. Trader Joe takes a community-first approach and has one of the most vibrant and largest communities in DeFi. Trader Joe’s Community Circle program that was recently launched, will also be extended to the BNB Chain with a brand new BNB community segment that will seek to reward the intrepid explorers and veterans of the BNB ecosystem. Join the community today, to experience a pioneering way to enrich your DeFi journey.

Trader Joe, built for BNB.

The mission is simple, build a platform that users can love and trust. Liquidity Book offers that experience by giving users highly efficient swaps, low cost of transaction and Trader Joe has a proven record of being both a popular and trusted. Combined with the Joepegs NFT marketplace, Trader Joe on BNB Chain will offer a full-suite service that can be utilised to truly experience and discover DeFi.

Twitter Spaces with Trader Joe/Joepegs Co-Founders

Join us this Friday the 10th at 1pm GMT for an AMA with the Trader Joe Co-Founders. Ask your questions, understand the vision and find out what they have planned to make Trader Joe the leading DeFi application offering.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop decentralized trading platform and the creator of Liquidity Book, the most efficient AMM in DeFi. Trader Joe offers a comprehensive DeFi platform where you can Trade, Lend and Leverage, participate in a Launchpad and shop for NFTs. Visit Trader Joe and discover what DeFi can really offer.


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