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The Creative Minds Behind Moonland: Meet Daniela Perez, a.k.a Queen of the Moon.’

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The Creative Minds Behind Moonland: Meet Daniela Perez, a.k.a Queen of the Moon.’


By moonlandmeta

4 months ago
3 mins read
The Creative Minds Behind Moonland: Meet Daniela Perez, a.k.a Queen of the Moon.’

You've probably seen her face all over Tik Tok and Instagram and heard her voice on all our Twitter Spaces, Moonland's Spotify Podcast, and Twitch Streams. Regarding facing the camera, our Queen of The Moon is top-notch!

Oh, and let's not forget she got featured in Forbes. Here's the link if you wish to see her interview.

A Little About Daniela.

Daniela was born in Cartagena, Colombia, and since she can remember, she's been into marketing, influencer marketing, and community management, which led to our 'Queen of the Moon' to work in talent and marketing agencies as well as freelance marketing for various brands in the past.

Here's a random fact about Daniela. She recalls when a scientist challenged her to put a tarantula in her mouth, and just as pressing rec on the phone to do a video, she just went for it!

Daniela told us a little about how she got into the blockchain, NFT, and gaming industries. "In 2019, I first heard the word 'NFT.' This word was slowly getting so much attention; some people hated it, and others were all for it. But,I was curious and wanted to make up my mind. So I went down the rabbit hole!"
And guess what? Daniela discovered that behind this unique concept was an entire emerging industry and game-changer technology, Blockchain. "The more I read about it, the more excited I was to find a way to be part of an industry that was going to be HUGE!"
Since Daniela came from a background in talent representation and marketing background, her main idea was to help artists get the most out of their art, and NFTs were the answer. "With this idea in my head, I started reaching out to many talented artists, Blockchain, and crypto-savvy people. I wanted to bring brands and artists together to create NFT projects. Then came the NFT summer, and you know how that went."
When Moonland met Daniela, or 'Queen of the Moon.'

Let's call this next story another serendipitous moment.

While Daniela was working full-time on NFT projects, Moonland came along. As Daniela was looking for talented artists to represent, she was contacted by Mattheo, the other half of our concept art team, and here she is!

Her favorite thing about Moonland is the ability to work with a team that puts on different hats, and her most significant accomplishment was building an in-house marketing team from scratch.

'Queen of The Moon's' best advice to our readers is not to be shy to ask questions. "If you know someone who comprehends something you'd like to understand more, reach out and set up that Zoom call. Expect to meet tons of people willing to connect with you and see you grow."

We hope you loved this article about our CMO, and hopefully, you'll see her on more TikTok and Reels and hosting more events!

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