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New Tortle Ninja DeFi Strategy | Capital Rotation 💰

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New Tortle Ninja DeFi Strategy | Capital Rotation 💰


By TortleNinja

4 months ago
2 mins read
New Tortle Ninja DeFi Strategy | Capital Rotation 💰


If you are new to DeFi or an experienced user, DeFi offers incredible amounts of strategies, from borrowing, lending, arbitrage, farm, compound, harvest, well well well, a whole universe of possibilities.

The Problem

Unless you are an experienced Developer, you are limited to the tools offered by the DEX or dApp, like individual LP Deposits or Single Token Farm, and in order to create a complex strategy, you will pay a lot of gas fees and execute multipla transactions and time to do so.

The Solution

Tortle Ninja allows you to Fork (Divide) your funds into multiple strategies, allowing you to reduce your volatility exposure, manage your risk, and get better returns thanks to our auto-compounding at least every 24 hours. In addition to this, you can create these complex strategies with just a couple of clicks, because you don't need to know how to code to use our platform and create your own DeFi automations (Bots) to work for you and give you passive income.

Recipe of the week: Capital Rotation

In this week's strategy, we will rotate our capital from $BTC to our favorite altcoins, $LINK and $FTM to maximize profits!
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1) We will add funds, but this time it will be in $BTC. Then we will divide it in 2 equal parts with a Split 50% - 50%.
2) Once the funds have been divided, we will set up a very interesting combo trigger (Stop Loss / Take Profit). This will be triggered when $BTC starts to rise and will make us swap $BTC to our two altcoins. The altcoins usually go up more than $BTC, so we will try to maximize this movement.
3) To conclude, once our two altcoins ($FTM and $LINK) touch the target price, we will liquidate our position to a safer one, in this case $BTC since in case of a fall, it is usually lower.
Are you convinced by this recipe? Here it is, all yours!…

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