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The first fully decentralized Nostr relay is now running on Flux.

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The first fully decentralized Nostr relay is now running on Flux.

FLUX - Web3 cloud

By FLUX - Web3 cloud

4 months ago
2 mins read
The first fully decentralized Nostr relay is now running on Flux.
Nostr is revolutionizing the Social Media landscape by introducing an open-source protocol that opens the door to a new generation of Web3-based Social Media applications. These applications are free from corporate influence, advertisements, algorithmic manipulation, and censorship. Instead, they are designed to provide a space where people can freely share their content and connect. With the help of Nostr relays on Flux, we may finally have a genuinely decentralized Social Media platform that represents the people's voice.
The Flux ecosystem is designed to provide a high-performance decentralized infrastructure for Web3. It is essential for the next generation of the Internet to have a decentralized infrastructure, as this will allow Web3 apps to be free from corporate influence. The Flux network is already active and hosting many decentralized apps, with new ones added regularly.
One of the promising apps on Flux is Nostr, a decentralized, open-source, and censorship-resistant social media framework. Nostr is not a complete social media app but a protocol that can be used to build such apps. The Nostr protocol ensures that users can never be banned or de-platformed and enables anyone to provide servers to host the apps and data.
Centralized social media platforms like Twitter have several issues, such as user manipulation, censorship, de-platforming, and monetization of user content. Nostr has the potential to solve these problems and become a key player in the Web3 movement. This is why Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, has donated 14 Bitcoins for its open-source development.
The first phase of Nostr’s deployment on Flux has been completed, and a Nostr relay is now running on the Flux cloud. To support its growth, Flux will provide accessible and robust infrastructure. We encourage everyone to learn more about Nostr and follow Flux on the platform. Our Public key: npub13kjj2yz6a076fnl88j22d6nmsfa67vvusg6aue8hq8kcg00g4faqethzz7
Flux invites you to learn more about the entire ecosystem on its official website, where you can find information on running Flux nodes, mining Flux, and exploring the network dashboard. The Flux team and community can also be found on Discord, where they are always open to new members and developers.


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