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Weekly Crypto & DeFi Alpha

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Weekly Crypto & DeFi Alpha


By Velvet_Capital

5 months ago
4 mins read
Weekly Crypto & DeFi Alpha

Greetings Earthlings (& Potential Space Invaders! 👽)

How are we doing? Another week in the books in the world of crypto, and what a week indeed. Is the bottom in? Has the bear returned to it’s cave to hibernate? Or is this just a head-fake rally until a retouching of the bottom? The truth is no one knows but what we do know is by keeping up with all the news and trends in web3 you can position yourself to navigate these tricky times more easily.

Things can move fast so we’re here to slow it down for you and give you our favorite stories floating around the cryptosphere. Remember - Velvet.Capital is always here to help you with your long-term financial planning goals. We’re on a mission to make DeFi simpler and safer than ever before — no matter your level of expertise. Don’t miss the next bull market, start investing in your digital future today! You can create your own DeFi portfolios or copy a portfolio of a crypto gigabrain in just a few clicks!

Quick Hitters:

· The Miami Heat will remove FTX’s name from their stadium. (RIP)

· DYDX has a massive unlock on February 2nd — 105% of the circulating supply will be distributed to investors and team members. Keep your eyes posted.

· Samsung-backed Bitcoin ETF will launch on the Hong Kong stock market.

· Bitcoin went above $19,000 this week after encouraging inflation numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

· DCG holdings — API3, HBAR, ZEC, FLOW, MANA — could be heavily impacted if DCG is forced to liquidate its venture assets to raise cash due to Genesis owing creditors $3b.

· Aptos-based multisig wallet Msafe, closed a $5M funding round.

· Al Tokens: FET VITD, NMR, OCEAN, CTXC, PHB. Rumors of Microsoft investing $10bn in openAl, paired with the huge chatGPT popularity, draws a callback to the late 2021 metaverse bull run. Fade the news or still some legs left to the pop?

· Binance.US Receives Initial Approval to Buy Voyager’s Assets For $1B.

· Crypto firms received $21B in funding last year.

Weekly Recap:

Mastercard launches web3-focused artist incubator with Polygon

Mastercard is dipping their toe into the web3 world, with their new digital artist incubation initiative. “The core of this program is providing emerging artists with the web3 tools and skills they need to excel and advance their music careers in this digital economy,” says Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, “By providing access to experts and innovators in the space, the artists will be guided on how to incorporate web3 into their work throughout the entire program and then beyond.” Giving autonomy to artists is one of the core mission statements of NFTs. Seeing a juggernaut like Mastercard getting in on the action signals that the utility of NFTs is getting more mainstream attention.

The 10 Defining Market Events of 2022

Kaiko research compiled a list of their key insights from 2022. Notably, it highlights the growth of market share on the Binance Exchange. Also, Uniswap demonstrates a growth in the usage and confidence in DEXs compared to their more centralized counterparts. Check out the link for some gigabrain level visualizations and insights.

10 predictions for crypto in 2023

Cointelegraph offered some interesting predictions for crypto in the year ahead. They anticipate 2023 to mark a departure from some of the industry dogma. For example, many projects will accept that they need to accept outside funding to bring projects mainstream. It’s a kind of paradox: a fully decentralized protocol can’t afford to have a marketing budget, and hire a staff, or have anything thing remotely ‘gatekeepery.’ In addition, web3 will begin to perfect their community engagement craft. It’s not enough to have a discord channel, there needs to be some inherent value add from an interpersonal standpoint.

Optimism Activity Hits New Highs As Layer 2s Close In On Ethereum

Optimism hits record usage, as L2 adoption soars. Scalability issues on the Ethereum network has created a higher demand for L2s. Kamado, the CEO of Integral said, “As blockchain technology is gaining more mainstream recognition, L2s will outshine Ethereum Mainnet, especially for consumer and retail-facing applications and use cases… “Ethereum Mainnet will lean more towards settlement and gear towards institutional use cases such as large transfers and large order transactions.”

Lido Rides Liquid Staking Wave to Become Largest DeFi Protocol

Lido finance recently surpassed Maker as general interest in staking rises. Lots of people are trying to take advantage of Ethereum’s migration to PoS. In addition, Lido’s native token (LDO) has risen 40% around the same time. Liquid staking continues to endure as a straightforward way to leverage your crypto assets.

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