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Revolutionary price mechanism


Revolutionary price mechanism


By ADONetwork

7 months ago
2 mins read
Revolutionary price mechanism
ADO is built as a multi-utility token on BNB Smart Chain. To be able to develop our community and build together, it's important to be able to keep price stable and push floor price with volume. ADO is built with adoption in mind so being able to keep price and Market Cap is very important.

While you might think that Staking or Reflexion is utility for a project, maths and economics say otherwise. In my opinion that's inflation and if you want people not to sell your token you have to give them a real incentive to hold.

At Ado.Network, whatever we will build, we will always consider utility the ability to raise money for holders through what we build. And we're just getting started in our build.

We welcome wales here, because we are able to give them more for their buck then any project out there while at the same time not penalizing the other holders. An ADO whale, can have the buy tax cut in half or eliminated completely by just doing affiliate purchases through our swap.

While we welcome wales, the entire build is centered to having a large number of holders with a low entry point (100$). It will always remaing around 100$ for BNB Rewards and Loyalty Rewards.

ADO can push it's price floor through tax when there is volume or through the LP switch when there is no volume. That's right, it's the first token to introduce the ability to work on double pool (ADO-BNB and ADO-BUSD) and it can gain in price through switching from BNB to BUSD and back.

Put your seatbelt on and enjoy the ride, we're just getting started!


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